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One of the hunters, a tall, loose-jointed chap named Henderson, was going aft at the time from the steerage (the name the hunters facetiously gave their midships sleeping quarters) to the cabin.
She conducted me to a spacious chamber in one of the buildings fronting on the plaza, and which, from the litter of silks and furs upon the floor, I took to be the sleeping quarters of several of the natives.
Hastings' sleeping quarters. On the opposite side the two Japanese bunked, while for'ard, under the deck, was the galley.
He was sitting in the log cabin that Perry had had built to serve as his sleeping quarters and office.
The inspection, conducted with the assistance of Philippine National Police Special Action Force commandos, yielded items illegally kept in the ward's sleeping quarters. Cash amounting to P100,000 was found in the wards when only a maximum of P5,000 is allowed under the rules.
The inspection yielded numerous items illegally kept inside the detainees' sleeping quarters including more than P100,000, way above the allowable P5,000.
Last March 25, members of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force confiscated illegal items and sums of money inside WFPU's sleeping quarters.
City hall also said the sleeping quarters where Flamengo's players died was irregularly licensed as a parking lot.
Featuring the game-changing luxury Seabed, which converts into a full-size lounger, sleeping quarters are transformed into stylish hangouts.
Atillo also guaranteed that the sleeping quarters for athletes and officials are fully equipped.
Before the massacre, the banana workers had been organising around several demands such as reparations for injuries at work, mutual insurance, more hygienic sleeping quarters and religious holidays.