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Adj.1.sleepy-eyed - ready to fall asleep; "beginning to feel sleepy"; "a sleepy-eyed child with drooping eyelids"; "sleepyheaded students"
asleep - in a state of sleep; "were all asleep when the phone rang"; "fell asleep at the wheel"
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Razumov had been admitted twice to that suite of several small dark rooms on the top floor: dusty window-panes, litter of all sorts of sweepings all over the place, half-full glasses of tea forgotten on every table, the two Laspara daughters prowling about enigmatically silent, sleepy-eyed, corsetless, and generally, in their want of shape and the disorder of their rumpled attire, resembling old dolls; the great but obscure Julius, his feet twisted round his three-legged stool, always ready to receive the visitors, the pen instantly dropped, the body screwed round with a striking display of the lofty brow and of the great austere beard.
We were down on Steamboat Wharf, where the river steamers made their landings, and where we found a group of amused long-shoremen and loafers listening to the hard- luck tale of a sleepy-eyed young fellow in long sea-boots.
Outside in the passage was standing a girl, tall and sleepy-eyed. She wore a picture-hat and a costume the keynote of which was a certain aggressive attractiveness.
The sleepy-eyed comedian will be fondly remembered for his unique comedic style which is witty and cerebral, and that set him apart from others in the trade who resort to slapstick, slapping fellow co-performers or conking their heads and resorting to toilet humor to draw laughter from the audience.
Those were the magical years of sitting down, still sleepy-eyed, on a colorful dastarkhwan laid out with a sehri-time feast.
style, which pingpongs restlessly between the car chases and nail-biting stunts of classic action films to the femmes fatales and sleepy-eyed nihilism of film noir.
I got to the stage a few minutes past 5am and found it thronged with sleepy-eyed commuters.
In fourteen gentle stanzas, sleepy-eyed children throughout history draw comfort from bedtime tales and tender lullabies.
Aside from a few other sleepy-eyed goose hunters, the only other customers were farmers.
Tony Marasiano, the ice-cream man, stood within the humid shade of a weary, sun-blistered oak, his little pony with head bowed, listless and sleepy-eyed. Parched schoolboys, their red-andgreen caps rolled into pockets, climbed on to the hubs of the scorched yellow wheels and tendered their pennies for Tony's pyramids of sweetness.
As our heroine, sleepy-eyed Arielle Holmes (who also wrote the original book, Mad Love in New York City ) is a find.
Four times he went in the night, apparently staggering sleepy-eyed around the camp with his furry drawers around his knees, leaving little deposits here, there and everywhere for others to tread in.