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1. A part of a garment that covers all or part of an arm.
2. A case into which an object or device fits: a record sleeve.
3. A tattoo that covers all or a large part of the arm.
tr.v. sleeved, sleev·ing, sleeves
To furnish or fit with sleeves or a sleeve.
up (one's) sleeve
Hidden but ready to be used: I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

[Middle English sleve, from Old English slēf; see sleubh- in Indo-European roots.]

sleeve′less adj.


(Electronics) electronics chiefly Brit tubular flexible insulation into which bare wire can be inserted. US and Canadian name: spaghetti
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According to Corey Reardon, president and CEO at market research firm AWA Alexander "Watson Associates, of the 62 billion square meters of label materials produced on a global scale, pressure sensitive labeling accounts for 40% of the global market, with sleeving representing 18%.
Company's Model 75C-E shrink bander is adapted for the sleeving of fresh and frozen oysters.
T.Freemantle have recently installed a high speed fully automatic pre-glued sleeving machine with one of the largest independent seafood processors in the UK.
As part of the company's Partek line of hydraulic hose sleeving products, the Defense sleeving features high-performance materials and a proprietary endurance-boosting weave pattern to contain pressurized hose bursts and dissipate media within hose assemblies.
The A+F SetLine Sleeving-Packing System combines sleeving and case packing technology into one space saving, cost effective operation.
The Delford Smartsleeve CT60 automatic sleeving system is proving popular with European food processors, says the company.
has undertaken an aggressive approach to this "in-service" repair method by using a developed sleeving system for repairing leaking and non-leaking defects.
A new AWAreness Report from AWA Alexander Watson Associates, "Global Sleeve Label Market and Technology Review", provides a focused analysis of current market status and technology, and the opportunities sleeving presents for sleeve label producers, material suppliers, and users.