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A vehicle mounted on runners for use on snow or ice, having one or more seats and usually drawn by a horse.
intr.v. sleighed, sleigh·ing, sleighs
To ride in or drive a sleigh.

[Dutch slee, variant of slede, from Middle Dutch.]

sleigh′er n.


nSchlittenfahren nt
References in classic literature ?
Sleighing and skating have been our chief occupation, especially skating, which is more than usually fascinating here, because the place is intersected by small canals communicating with a lake and the river belonging to the lake, and as everything is frozen black and hard, we can skate for miles straight ahead without being obliged to turn round and come back again,--at all times an annoying, and even mortifying, proceeding.
Her favorite part of sleighing is when she takes the first ride of the morning and can hear the jingle bells echo across the quiet landscape.
In his diaries, he wrote of a time when winter travel depended on sleighing conditions, the resolve of the neighborhood to keep roads passable, and the fickle nature of weather.