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adj. slen·der·er, slen·der·est
a. Having little width in proportion to height or length; long and thin: a slender rod.
b. Thin and delicate in build; gracefully slim: "She was slender as a willow shoot is slender—and equally graceful, equally erect" (Frank Norris).
2. Small in amount or extent; meager: slender wages; a slender chance of survival.

[Middle English sclendre, slendre.]

slen′der·ly adv.
slen′der·ness n.
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Adv.1.slenderly - in a slim or slender manner; "a slenderly built woman"; "slightly built"
2.slenderly - to a meager degree or in a meager mannerslenderly - to a meager degree or in a meager manner; "these voices are meagerly represented at the conference"; "the area is slenderly endowed with natural resources"
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[ˈslendəlɪ] ADV she is slenderly builtes delgada or esbelta
slenderly madede construcción delicada
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adv slenderly built or madeschlank
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It is no wonder that in an age when this kind of merit is so little in fashion, and so slenderly provided for, persons possessed of it should very eagerly flock to a place where they were sure of being received with great complaisance; indeed, where they might enjoy almost the same advantages of a liberal fortune as if they were entitled to it in their own right; for Mr Allworthy was not one of those generous persons who are ready most bountifully to bestow meat, drink, and lodging on men of wit and learning, for which they expect no other return but entertainment, instruction, flattery, and subserviency; in a word, that such persons should be enrolled in the number of domestics, without wearing their master's cloathes, or receiving wages.
And she was so slenderly and prettily the woman--the girl, rather--that it cut him like a knife to see her, with quick, comprehensive eyes and sharply imperative voice, superintend the launching of the whale-boat through the surf.
Take her up tenderly, Lift her with care;-- Fashion'd so slenderly, Young and so fair!
Take her up tenderly; Lift her with care; Fashion'd so slenderly, Young, and so fair!
It was a woman, tall and slenderly formed, with remarkably delicate hands and feet, and dressed in neat and respectable garments.
She was not as unhappy as thousands of others; indeed, she had much to be grateful for, but the life she lived and the work she did were full hard for one who was fashioned slenderly.
I had no compass with me and was so slenderly acquainted with the geography of this part of the world that the sun was of little benefit to me.
Slenderly penciled, a little darker than her light brown hair, they just fitted her irregular nose that was feminine but not weak, that if anything was piquant and that picturesquely might be declared impudent.
Lapsing then out of date and being considered to bore mankind by her vocal performances in the Spanish language, she retired to Bath, where she lives slenderly on an annual present from Sir Leicester and whence she makes occasional resurrections in the country houses of her cousins.
Both were fair complexioned and slenderly made; both possessed faces full of distinction and intelligence.
With the proceeding of filling process, the corresponding cavity pressure is increased gradually after the How front passes this region and meanwhile the deformed bubbles are further deformed more slenderly. Under this condition, owing to a still high temperature of the polymer melt at the skin layer, the gases in the deformed bubbles can redissolve into polymer melt and the deformed bubbles could disappear accordingly.
He says: "Here is a play in which a monarch who has always which a monarch who has always 'slenderly known himself' has irresponsibly divided his kingdom in the same year that James I united the kingdoms of England and Scotland.