In ice hockey, the act of causing an opponent to fall by using the leg or foot to trip the opponent from behind, in violation of the rules.

[From slew.]

slew′-foot′ v.
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To make matters worse, Patrick Hager was handed a two-game suspension for slew-footing a player in that same game, meaning he won't be available until Germany's penultimate group stage game against Italy on Saturday.
7, slew-footing him to the ice and punching him twice.
Hager was assessed a five-minute penalty for an offense that you rarely see called in ice hockey -- slew-footing .
Julien had told Marchand to be the "good brat" - that is, get under the skin of opponents without illegal stuff like his slew-footing of Pittsburgh's Matt Niskanen, for which he was penalized and then fined $2,500 by the NHL.