slice off

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w>slice off

vt sep
abschneiden; he sliced off the top of his egger köpfte sein Ei (inf)
money, timewegnehmen; he sliced £1000 off the total coster hat die Gesamtkosten noch um £ 1000 gesenkt; he sliced 4 seconds off the world recorder hat den Weltrekord um 4 Sekunden unterboten
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"If you can get in you'll be a clever trooper," replied the officer, without turning his head or ceasing to slice off with his sabre the bark of the logs of which the house was built.
Then slice off part of the bottom to create a base that will allow the pineapple to stand firmly on a cutting board.
Cut the watermelon in half and cut a 2cm slice off one.
Firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to slice off the entire roof of the car to free the woman after this morning's crash.
Using a potato peeler, slice off thin ribbons of carrot lengthways.
Segment two oranges: slice off the top and bottom, then cut off the skin in downward slices so that all the skin, pith and outer membrane of the segments are removed.