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1. One that slides: The snowy hill was filled with young sliders.
2. Baseball A fast pitch released with the index and middle fingers close together and slightly off center so that it breaks in the same direction as a curve ball as it approaches the plate.
3. A small hamburger served on a small bun, usually as a snack or appetizer.
4. Any of various turtles of the genus Trachemys, especially T. scripta subsp. elegans of North America, having a red stripe behind the eye and often kept as a pet.
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(ˈslaɪ dər)

1. a person or thing that slides.
2. a fast-pitched baseball that curves slightly and sharply in front of a batter, away from the side from which it was thrown.
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Noun1.slider - a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
snowboarder - someone who slides down snow-covered slopes while standing on a snowboard
2.slider - someone who races the luge
sledder - someone who rides a sled
3.slider - freshwater turtle of United States and South America; frequently raised commercially; some young sold as pets
turtle - any of various aquatic and land reptiles having a bony shell and flipper-like limbs for swimming
genus Pseudemys, Pseudemys - sliders; red-bellied terrapin
4.slider - a fastball that curves slightly away from the side from which it was thrown
fastball, heater, hummer, bullet, smoke - (baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity; "he swung late on the fastball"; "he showed batters nothing but smoke"
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'See here, then,' said Squeers, accompanying his remarks with appropriate action, 'I fill the glass from the bottle, and I say "Your health, Slider," and empty it; then I rinse it genteelly with a little drop, which I'm forced to throw into the fire--hallo!
I'm a sort of a lawyer, Slider, of first-rate standing, and understanding too; I'm the intimate friend and confidential adwiser of pretty nigh every man, woman, and child that gets themselves into difficulties by being too nimble with their fingers, I'm--'
'More than even, Slider,' returned Squeers; 'you'd have been even with him if he'd got married; but with the disappointment besides, you're a long way ahead.
'And now you're up, my Slider,' bawled Squeers, as she rose to fetch them, 'bolt the door.'
Take care of that, Slider, literally for God's sake.
When the house was out of sight, I sat, with my bird-cage in the straw at my feet, forward on the low seat to look out of the high window, watching the frosty trees, that were like beautiful pieces of spar, and the fields all smooth and white with last night's snow, and the sun, so red but yielding so little heat, and the ice, dark like metal where the skaters and sliders had brushed the snow away.
Noel Makena handed Sliders the consolation goal with seconds to go.Earlier, Kenya Police went a point closer to leaders Butali Sugar Warriors in men's Premier League when they battled to beat stubborn Sailors 2-1 at the same venueTelkom, who are chasing their 22nd league title, went into the weekend in third place in league with 11 points, but would thump Kenyatta University Titans 7-0 on Saturday, before subjecting the 1998 champions Slider to similar wrath to go top.
According to ( New Atlas , The mechanism consists of a rod attached to a band on the wearer's thigh and a slider attached to a band on the wearer's calf.
Dune Loupe Denim Smart Slider Sandal, PS85 Evans Extra Wide Fit Red Mini Wedge Mules, currently reduced to PS31.50 from PS35 Lipsy Flat Sliders, PS36, Next 2.
Miss Selfridge Samantha yellow low heel mules PS25 JD Williams square heel crossover mule sandals PS28 Dune Latino cappuccino suede pom pom slider sandal PS78 Matalan pink pom pom mule sandals PS14 4 POM-POM SANDALS LAST year, sandals came with a sprinkling of little pom-poms.
One gray day in April 2012, Oregon State's Matthew Boyd was playing catch with his pitching coach at the tail end of a rain delay when, out of some combination of boredom and curiosity, he asked a fateful question: "How do you throw a slider?" One quick lesson on proper grip and mechanics later, Boyd, then a 21-year-old lefty reliever with a fastball/curve/change-up arsenal, unleashed the first slider of his life, a devilish missile with a sharp left to right break.