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Noun1.sliding door - a door that opens by sliding instead of swingingsliding door - a door that opens by sliding instead of swinging
barn door - the large sliding door of a barn
door - a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle; "he knocked on the door"; "he slammed the door as he left"
paneling, panelling, pane - a panel or section of panels in a wall or door
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بابٌ مُنْزَلِق، باب مُتَحَرِّك
posuvné dveře
posuvné dvere
sürmeli kapı


(slaid) past tense, past participle slid (slid) verb
1. to (cause to) move or pass along smoothly. He slid the drawer open; Children must not slide in the school corridors.
2. to move quietly or secretly. I slid hurriedly past the window; He slid the book quickly out of sight under his pillow.
1. an act of sliding.
2. a slippery track, or apparatus with a smooth sloping surface, on which people or things can slide. The children were taking turns on the slide in the playground.
3. a small transparent photograph for projecting on to a screen etc. The lecture was illustrated with slides.
4. a glass plate on which objects are placed to be examined under a microscope.
5. (also ˈhair-slide) a (decorative) hinged fastening for the hair.
ˈslide-rule noun
an instrument for calculating, like a ruler in shape and having a central section that slides up and down between the outer sections.
sliding door
a type of door that slides across an opening rather than swinging on a hinge.
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We started a quiet search and ultimately Ransome discovered him curled up in the sail-locker, which opened into the lobby by a sliding door. When remonstrated with, he mut- tered sulkily, "It's cool in there." That wasn't true.
a sliding door. We were in the sail locker, scrambling on our knees over the sails.
The packed mass ran from the cabin partition to the sliding door behind the fo'c'sle stove; and Disko showed how there is great art in stowing cargo so as to bring a schooner to her best draft.
Wyatt's three rooms were in the after-cabin, which was separated from the main one by a slight sliding door, never locked even at night.
I say gazed at the "rock," for, examine as we could, we could find no traces of the join of the sliding door; nor, indeed, could we hit upon the secret, now utterly lost, that worked it, though we tried for an hour or more.
May led Archer into the old lady's sitting-room, where the sliding doors opening into the bedroom had been drawn shut, and the heavy yellow damask portieres dropped over them; and here Mrs.
The Sliding Door Company has 26 showrooms nationwide and offer a free consultation in person or by phone.
Detective Inspector Alison Whittaker, of GMP's Tameside district, said: "If you saw anything, or if have any information about the red Transit van with white sliding door, please get in touch with police as soon as possible."
Serenity is a proprietary sliding door system providing superior sound attenuation, sold primarily into healthcare markets across the country.
On this page are living areas that best illustrate the use of interior sliding doors: they create privacy walls that serve their function while enhancing the design statement; they increase natural lighting
Kochi (Kerala) [India], Dec 27 ( ANI ): Two sailors of the Indian Navy were killed on Thursday after the sliding door of the helicopter hangar fell on them at the Southern Naval Command's base in Kochi.
In this study, a designed sliding door system for a commercial vehicle is considered and an automatic door opening mechanism with a rope system is designed instead of a brake system.