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Noun1.sliding window - a window that open by sliding horizontallysliding window - a window that open by sliding horizontally
window - a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air
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The REHAU vertical sliding Window System energises and improves ventilation and allows more fresh air in the home.
Jayendra Kumar et al [11] proposed a modified sliding window algorithm for weather forecasting.
Officers found that the perpetrators broke a sliding window to gain access, smashed a glass showcase and stole three or four trophies of as yet unknown value.
00:26Z 561200 R SLIDING WINDOW SENSOR: Fault in the co-pilot's window.
You decide where and how many windows you want, and the windows can be horizontal or vertical (quiet, sliding window kits are also available).
It's necessary to determine the appropriate sample size of the data streams, typically using a sliding window mechanism, and the medium size of the sliding window can not only retain sample statistics completeness, but also reduce the storage cost of data streams.
This just got handed to us through the sliding window at the local stand.
The drawers, drawer guides, sliding window components, handles, hinges and screws are solid polypropylene.
Senior Inspector Ephraim Detuya said the robbers may have destroyed the window grills and the sliding window frame and placed the money inside an offering bag.
The next morning the 31-year-old woke to find it had been broken into by thieves who forced open a sliding window.
This work describes results of filter modeling and optimization and use of optimal sliding window filter for GPS information processing.