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A comparative of sly.


a comparative of sly



adj. sly•er sli•er, sly•est sli•est, adj.
1. cunning or wily.
2. stealthy; surreptitious.
3. mischievous or roguish: sly humor.
4. on the sly, secretly; furtively.
[1175–1225; Middle English sly, sley < Old Norse slŒgr sly, cunning]
sly′ly, adv.
sly′ness, n.
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First places in the individual Sprint and Olympic categories for women went to Bahrain's Rana Al Alalawi and Stephani Slier of the United Kingdom.
Attn: Maximiliano Gaca Slier, Maximiliano Gaca Slier
Moreover, since 2001, the tribal belt has been the focus of seven major military offensives: Operation Al-Mizan (Justice), Operation Kalosha II, Operation Zalzala (Earthquake), Operation Sir at e Mustaqeem (Path of Virtue), Operation Slier DU (Lion Heart), Operation Rah e Nijat (Path to Salvation), and Operation Zarb e Azb (Strike of Sword).
RT's Middle East correspondent Paula Slier broadcast live coverage during the attack, after her crew was told to barricade in their office during the police hunt for the murderer.
According to RT's Paula Slier, Israeli politicians "across the political spectrum" have unanimously condemned what they call a "temporary" removal.
RT's Paula Slier, currently in Donetsk, reported that Roman Lyagin, chair of the central election commission in the region, believeed that a provocation had been planned, saying that "anti-government activists are ready for it".