slim odds

low odds; poor chances; as, there are slim odds he will win any medal.
- W. Irving.

See also: Odds

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Robert lived from 1274 until 1329 and the film tells of his battle against the King of England, despite facing staggeringly slim odds.
The weather forecast called for a whopping three to five inches of rain over the next two days, so my thoughts naturally turned to my daughter's weekend soccer schedule and the slim odds that we'd be heading an hour and half south to play the next day.
But set those slim odds of individual influence at the state level off to one (long-shot) side.
Despite the slim odds of the company finding new financing, there will be people who hang in there with the expectation that everything will work out.
But the international outcry notwithstanding, the powerful interests and big profits at stake in the Agua Zarca Dam and other megaprojects make for slim odds that David can prevail against Goliath in the long run.
SASSUOLO failed to beat Torino at the Mapei Stadium in midweek and once again they could struggle to justify slim odds when they host improving Bologna in this Emilia-Romagna Derby, writes Joe Champion.
The Saltburn 35-yearold was given slim odds of survival when she suffered a burst brain aneurysm and subarachnoid haemorrhage two years ago today.
They will face Reading at home and you would get slim odds on them not winning that and earning a semi-final at Wembley.
A MIRACLE baby dealt slim odds before he was even born is fighting back.
A very steady performer who has had three top-10 finishes this year THE MCGLADREY CLASSIC Zach Johnson - 14/1 EW Slim odds, but a class act in the field.
Villa are put up at 6/4 - slim odds for a side that win so few games.
If at times they looked like accessories in a game of slim odds, the reality is that these attendants have no stake in whether a fair visitor walks away empty-handed or with a giant stuffed tiger over their shoulder.