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Slime mold colonies behave like superorganisms and act in a coordinated fashion, rather than every cell for itself.
It is narrated by actor Forest Whitaker, whose warm, velveteen voice can make even a segment on slime mold seem utterly fascinating.
It is covered in slime mold, it has aerial roots hanging from the ceiling, cave creatures called troglobites can often be found, and most importantly, our group is usually the only one in the cave.
Now, growing numbers of scientists are hard at work developing computer programs that replicate the way slime mold "thinks.
But physarum polycephalum--a slime mold that lives in forests around the world--is actually pretty smart.
During guided inquiry, students learn to work with the plasmodial slime mold Physarum polycephalum and construct mazes using Lego brand blocks as a barrier.
If You Give a Slime Mold a Sedative doesn't sound like a best-selling children's book, but a recent study found that Physarum polycephalum actually prefers herbal sedatives and other dried plants to honey or oats.
He weaves together the tales of seminal research conducted on two systems in nature that, at first glance, would seem to have little to do with human beings: slime mold and ant colonies.
a new cellular slime mold with coremiform fructification.
Among the 44 species of fungus we recorded, there were 43 basidiomycetes, 1 ascomycetes, and l slime mold.
The finding comes from a team of Japanese and British researchers who observed that the slime mold connected itself to scattered food sources in a design that was nearly identical to Tokyo's rail system.
Laws urges readers to love every discovery, even the chunky yellow fungi labeled "dog vomit slime mold.