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1. A thick, sticky, slippery substance.
2. Biology A mucous substance secreted by certain animals, such as catfishes and slugs.
3. Soft moist earth; mud.
4. A slurry containing very fine particulate matter.
5. Vile or disgusting matter.
6. Slang A despicable or repulsive person.
tr.v. slimed, slim·ing, slimes
1. To smear with slime.
2. To remove slime from (fish to be canned, for example).
3. To vilify or malign (someone), especially publicly.

[Middle English, from Old English slīm; see lei- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.slimed - covered with or resembling slime; "a slimy substance covered the rocks"
slippery, slippy - causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide; "slippery sidewalks"; "a slippery bar of soap"; "the streets are still slippy from the rain"
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According to ( CNET , Nickelodeon said that someone will be slimed in space for the first time.
New activations for this year include a Slime Maze and an expanded Slime Central, where over 30 people can get slimed simultaneously.
They all shared their delight in walking the magical KCA carpet but expressed their fear of getting slimed.