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adj. slim·i·er, slim·i·est
a. Consisting of or resembling slime; viscous: slimy ooze.
b. Covered with or exuding slime: a slimy snail.
a. Morally repulsive, as in being dishonest or corrupt.
b. Excessively ingratiating; smarmy: a slimy salesman.

slim′i·ly adv.
slim′i·ness n.
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Instead the Vatican, the Archbishop of Canterbury, even Israel's chief rabbi plus assorted politicians slimily chorused that the crime was not the incitement to murder but the "blasphemy" in Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses.
That's where many do, it appears -unless you're the supposedly shy sort, who slimily stares at objects of desire, from over the cubicle, under the staircase, when not stalking on Facebook.
Though the actors get equal stage time, Pace owns the show, playing a slimily ambitious reporter for London's (ahem) Guardian.