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adj. slim·mer, slim·mest
1. Small in girth or thickness in proportion to height or length; slender.
2. Small in quantity or amount; meager: slim chances of success.
intr. & tr.v. slimmed, slim·ming, slims
1. To become or make slim.
2. To lose or cause to lose weight, as by dieting or exercise.

[Dutch, bad, sly, from Middle Dutch slimp, slim, bad, crooked.]

slim′ly adv.
slim′mer n.
slim′ness n.
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Adv.1.slimly - in a slim or slender manner; "a slenderly built woman"; "slightly built"
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The woman is described as white, in her late thirties, and slimly built with gaunt features.
Questions would always emerge; some were telescopic, sprouting linearly from other questions; others were obscurely, tangentially and slimly interconnected.
EASTER PARADE BBC2 10AM A little early in the day, but none the worse for wear, Judy Garland sports an Easter bonnet in slimly plotted but absolutely beguiling musical, bursting with Irving Berlin tunes.
Inside I found a slimly built, nine-month-old baby lying in his cot, wearing a cotton, short-sleeved "onesie", his legs and feet bare.
One man, slimly built, offered his reason for being at the dinner.
This slimly designed sedan offers plenty of room for passengers to be comfortable even on long rides.
Their protector was "about 25 years of age; not tall and rather slimly made, but well proportioned" (p.
The following year, 1974-75, in Jerusalem, besides teaching and otherwise groping for Hebrew, meant nightly neighborhood patrol, meeting poets and survivor-poets, left and right Israelis, secular and religious, a slimly aware sense of Palestinian presence, plus trips to the Sinai and Golan Heights, a midnight Molotov cocktail whooshing over our bedroom, and a five-year-old.
and birth dominate this slimly plotted but powerful novel, which promotes Guthrie's views on tenant farming and capitalist greed.
af]), which was excellent described the change of breakdown strength; but the maximum electric displacement at breakdown field is slimly changed.
The suspect is described as 6ft, slimly built, wearing a black baseball cap, jeans and a T-shirt or jumper.