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adj. slim·mer, slim·mest
1. Small in girth or thickness in proportion to height or length; slender.
2. Small in quantity or amount; meager: slim chances of success.
intr. & tr.v. slimmed, slim·ming, slims
1. To become or make slim.
2. To lose or cause to lose weight, as by dieting or exercise.

[Dutch, bad, sly, from Middle Dutch slimp, slim, bad, crooked.]

slim′ly adv.
slim′mer n.
slim′ness n.
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Adv.1.slimly - in a slim or slender manner; "a slenderly built woman"; "slightly built"
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The first suspect is described as white, around 12-years-old, slimly built and wearing a khaki green hooded jacket, Nike jogging bottoms and trainers.
The truth is, contemporary people especially ladies around the world specifically Ghanaians want their bodies slimly curvaceous for reasons best known to them.
They said water are being supplied to the residents from Slimly and Khanpur dams besides underground water reservoirs are being utilized.
The end result of their slimly slothful lives are unenviable.
Bendrix's partial knowledge precludes his thinking that anything miraculous has happened; at the same time, Sarah's belief in the "miracle" of the answered prayer rests slimly on her intuition that Bendrix was indeed killed by the blast, while she never gains the confirming knowledge about the bruises.
When looking at the SVPA, it is completely inherent on finding a psychological diagnosis, and when the psychologists have laymen's use for purposes of the act, they are not rising to the importance and implications of civil confinement but finding diagnoses based on very slimly reliable information.
The latest incident, the first to be captured by Mr Squire's CCTV system, clearly shows a slimly built man go to the far side of the Freelander 2 and disappear out of sight, before coming to the nearside and appearing to jab something into the 4x4 vehicle's tyre.
He said: "He's also described as slimly built and we think that people of slim build 264 may have been more vulnerable to being smothered up against someone else.
He is a 6ft Caucasian, slimly built, with short brown hair and blue eyes.
Questions would always emerge; some were telescopic, sprouting linearly from other questions; others were obscurely, tangentially and slimly interconnected.
EASTER PARADE BBC2 10AM A little early in the day, but none the worse for wear, Judy Garland sports an Easter bonnet in slimly plotted but absolutely beguiling musical, bursting with Irving Berlin tunes.