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sling 1

a. A weapon consisting of a looped strap in which a stone is whirled and then let fly.
b. A slingshot.
2. A looped rope, strap, or chain for supporting, cradling, or hoisting something, especially:
a. A band suspended from the neck to support an injured arm or hand.
b. A length of fabric worn on the body for carrying an infant.
c. A strap of a shoe that fits over the heel.
d. A strap used to carry a rifle over the shoulder.
e. Nautical A rope or chain that attaches to the mast and supports a yard.
3. The act of hurling something.
tr.v. slung (slŭng), sling·ing, slings
a. To hurl with a sling: sling stones.
b. To throw or fling: "He ripped out the fish guts and slung them to the gulls" (Donna Morrissey).
a. To move by means of a sling; raise or lower in a sling: sling cargo into a hold.
b. To place in a hanging or supported position: sling a towel over one's shoulder.
slings and arrows
Difficulties or hardships.

[Middle English slinge.]

sling′er n.

sling 2

A drink consisting of brandy, whiskey, or gin, sweetened and usually lemon-flavored.

[Origin unknown.]
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Noun1.slinger - a person who uses a sling to throw somethingslinger - a person who uses a sling to throw something
thrower - someone who projects something (especially by a rapid motion of the arm)
References in classic literature ?
Some precautions had been taken to place those entrances under the protection of projecting angles, by which they might be flanked in case of need by archers or slingers.
The first pink light of the rising sun glittered upon the steel caps and breastplates of dense masses of slingers and of crossbowmen, who drilled and marched in the spaces which had been left for their exercise.
Among all types of Slinging equipment, the AT7 is the only Slinger that boasts an all-wheel, independent drive system that can handle a variety of off-road terrains and has a Slinging distance of up to 160 feet.
slinger in town as he shocked Mark Webster to reach the second round last night.
Christine Slinger, 27, went missing in Massillon, Ohio, Aug.
Development and acquisitions team, Ink Slinger Entertainment brought the turn of the century, rugged frontier project to Five by Five Media.
Tenders are invited for supply of cat a spares,thrust coller,oil seal plate,oil slinger,repair kit tc (holset h x 25),oil seal plate holset h x 35,oil slinger holset h x 35,oil slinger holset h x 35,sec kit tc kkk tel,chra(garret)
But team manager Antiago Slinger is adamant that Los Teros are determined to contribute to the "big rugby party".
Morgan King is the brainchild of Howard Slinger, a recruitment specialist with over 25 years' experience in the recruitment industry, particularly within the construction, rail and technical recruitment markets at senior and executive levels.
Past student, John Slinger, has arranged for ambassador Daniel Benjamin to speak at the event in Durham Castle in memory of Mr Slinger's late American friend, Michael McCarthy.
Slinger, Ramadan 24, 1435, Jul 21, 2014, SPA -- A Canadian National Railway Co.
The Bravehearts needed the run as Landers and Worcester's Kyle Slinger were locked in a pitching duel after each allowed a run in the first.