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v. slunk (slŭngk) also slinked, slink·ing, slinks
To move in a quiet furtive manner; sneak: slunk away ashamed; a cat slinking through the grass toward its prey.
To give birth to prematurely: The cow slinked its calf.
Born prematurely.

[Middle English slinken, from Old English slincan.]

slink′ing·ly adv.
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moving in a furtive waymoving in a sinuously graceful way
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[ˈslɪŋkɪŋ] adj (movement) → furtivo/a
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References in classic literature ?
There was doubt in his mind that some note of the approaching blacks vibrating with fear had struck an answering chord in the nervous system of the panther, sending him slinking through the jungle, his tail between his legs.
'He was slinking about in his boat,' says Tom, 'which slinking were, not to speak ill of the dead, the manner of the man, when he come right athwart the steamer's bows and she cut him in two.' Mr Tootle is so far figurative, touching the dismemberment, as that he means the boat, and not the man.
Now I could see forms grey and black slinking near my path, sniffing at the air as they went, and now I came to a little open place, and, behold!
Far from slinking into the background in this camouflage, it was hard not to notice her leotard, thigh-high boots, garters, scarf and big hat combination.
I recoiled at the sight of that weasel Max Branning slinking back on Tuesday night - especially when his new wife turned out to be none other than his ex-wife's junkie sister.
Brunet's nighttime illustrations, creating a hushed, peaceful tone for Rusty's sniffing, slinking, stalking, and searching.
She fought to the front of the crowd and was about to go into nurse mode before remembering she had no medical training whatsoever and slinking off.
Swathed in a black velvet dress, tottering on huge heeled wedges and slinking around the stage she took on the guise of a stalking Morticia Adams.