slip clutch

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Noun1.slip clutch - a friction clutch that will slip when the torque is too great
friction clutch - a clutch in which one part turns the other by the friction between them
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That draw handle is not coming off until you want it to, and a slip clutch in it ensures that you can't over-cock the crossbow.
The bike now features a ride-by-wire system and a light-action assist and slip clutch.
There are features such as a slip clutch available in some units that will disengage the gear box of the mower if an obstacle--such as a big rock or tree stump--comes in contact with the mower's blades to avoid damaging the mower.
All Milwaukee-Eight models benefit from a low-effort Assist and Slip Clutch, improving the rider experience and with less engine noise, allowing the exhaust to give a richer tone and a much better sound out of the box.
The slip clutch on the bundle conveyor was set perfectly, making it virtually impossible to plug the cylinder.
This model also features push to-start and automatic stop functions, an adjustable dial slip clutch, as well as a reversing switch.
To prevent table auger blockages, he suggests regularly adjusting the slip clutch to maintain the recommended pressure, which tends to decline with each successive blockage.
A powerful yet quiet 280W motor drives the blades round with ease and a clever single speed gear with slip clutch stops small stones from snagging in them as they rotate.
For example, a torque--limiting slip clutch uses a spring to control release torque.
The safety features of the unit comprise a tool-less guard adjustment, spindle lock and 'S-Automatic' safety slip clutch to protect the operator from kickback.
If the slip clutch torque is exceeded, the slip clutch monitor automatically shuts the hoist down to prevent wear.