slip down

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w>slip down

vi (= fall)ausrutschen, ausgleiten; (= go down)hinunterlaufen; this wine slips down easilydieser Wein rutscht or kullert so schön (die Kehle hinunter) (inf)
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References in classic literature ?
What was my astonishment to see on the slippery column of the tree two human forms appear and quietly slip down to the ground.
Sarfraz Ahamed and Co have struggled all through the series and as a result of that, they slip down the rankings list.
Suitable from birth to two years, PS55, available from BUBBAROO JOEY SWAG SOFT sleeping bag designed to ensure your baby can't slip down inside, with four different tog weights, from lightweight to extra-heavyweight.
It sat noticeably higher on my back than the rucksack I normally use for my cycle to work and did not slip down as I powered through the streets.
"I'll have to speak with [coach] Mike [Hesson] and other senior players but one-day cricket could see me slip down the order slightly, especially given we have guys who are more than capable of batting at the top as well.
"The downside for Ronnie is if he doesn't compete he will inevitably slip down the rankings."
Their slip down the European second-tier order meant they had to qualify for the World Cup through the final knockout games, beating Tunisia and then Uruguay over two legs to become the last team to make the cut.
The Croft Park club's last four fixtures fell victim to the weather, leaving Tait frustrated to see his side slip down the Blue Square North table.
Boss Terry Skiverton said: "We mustn't slip down the table."
The bogey wheels need to start turning before we slip down the table.
This city has battled for years to slip down the list of the highest spending authorities - it would be a disaster to once again see us up there in the top half.
My first thought was, If you really want to stop girls from feeling bad, why not use models who wouldn't slip down a shower drain?