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Noun1.slip of paper - a small sheet of paper; "a receipt slip"
piece of paper, sheet of paper, sheet - paper used for writing or printing
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Guppy refers to a little slip of paper on which he has made small notes of his line of argument and which seems to involve him in the densest obscurity whenever he looks at it--"I--Oh, yes!--I place myself entirely in your ladyship's hands.
She therefore opened the desk, and in searching for the stamps she came across something else--that slip of paper which Dorcas saw in her hand, and which assuredly was never meant for Mrs.
I descended the stairs as I spoke, and looked into the sitting- room to read the slip of paper by the light on the table.
A slip of paper was inclosed in her letter, containing these two lines, traced in pencil--oh, so feebly and so wearily!--by my poor darling himself:
He leaned upon his hand, with his untasted breakfast before him, and he stared at the slip of paper which he had just drawn from its envelope.
The envelope contained a letter: and this, in its turn, contained a slip of paper. I read the letter first:--
Nor did she tell him of a money order inclosed with a certain blue slip of paper in a letter to Bud Strothers.
The one in the basement of Brown's had written on Bill's slip of paper the words: '1 p.m.
Winkle faltered out a reply in the affirmative; and both gentlemen were forthwith invested with a slip of paper, and a shilling each, by the dexterous Mr.
'--Inclosing a slip of paper with the measure of his sword upon it, I'll bet a guinea,' answered the little man.
"Citizen Defarge," said he to Darnay's conductor, as he took a slip of paper to write on.
Mary was taking notes feverishly on a slip of paper while he did the adding up, and in the end they went away gloomily without buying anything.