slip up

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slip up

vb (intr, adverb)
1. informal to make a blunder or mistake; err
2. to fall over: he slipped up in the street.
informal a mistake, blunder, or mishap
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Verb1.slip up - make an errorslip up - make an error; "She slipped up and revealed the name"
err, mistake, slip - to make a mistake or be incorrect
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1. To move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly:
2. To move silently and furtively:
Slang: gumshoe.
3. To lose one's balance and fall or almost fall:
Idiom: take a skid.
4. To shift or be shifted out of place:
5. To maneuver gently and slowly into place:
6. To free from ties or fasteners:
7. To get away from (a pursuer):
Slang: shake.
Idiom: give someone the shake.
8. To bring forth a nonviable fetus prematurely:
9. To displace (a bone) from a socket or joint:
Idiom: throw out of joint.
10. To decline, as in value or quantity, very gradually:
11. To make an error or mistake:
12. To undergo moral deterioration:
Idiom: go bad.
phrasal verb
slip into
To put (an article of clothing) on one's person:
phrasal verb
slip on
To put (an article of clothing) on one's person:
phrasal verb
slip up
To make an error or mistake:
1. An act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true:
2. A minor mistake:
Informal: fluff.
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يُخْطِئ، لا يُنَفِّذيَرْتَكِبُ هَفْوَة
selhatudělat chybuzmýlit se
begå en lille fejlfejle
baklövést követ el
gera mistök
göra en tabbe
hata yapmakyanılmak
sơ suất

w>slip up

vi (inf: = err) → sich vertun (inf), → (einen) Schnitzer machen (over, in bei); you really slipped up there!da hast du aber wirklich Murks gemacht (inf); he usually slips up on spellingmeistens stolpert er über die Rechtschreibung (inf)
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(slip) past tense, past participle slipped verb
1. to slide accidentally and lose one's balance or footing. I slipped and fell on the path.
2. to slide, or drop, out of the right position or out of control. The plate slipped out of my grasp.
3. to drop in standard. I'm sorry about my mistake – I must be slipping!
4. to move quietly especially without being noticed. She slipped out of the room.
5. to escape from. The dog had slipped its lead and disappeared.
6. to put or pass (something) with a quick, light movement. She slipped the letter back in its envelope.
1. an act of slipping. Her sprained ankle was a result of a slip on the path.
2. a usually small mistake. Everyone makes the occasional slip.
3. a kind of undergarment worn under a dress; a petticoat.
4. (also ˈslipway) a sloping platform next to water used for building and launching ships.
ˈslipper noun
a loose, soft kind of shoe for wearing indoors.
ˈslippery adjective
1. so smooth as to cause slipping. The path is slippery – watch out!
2. not trustworthy. He's rather a slippery character.
ˈslipperiness noun
slip road
a road for joining or leaving a motorway.
ˈslipshod adjective
(of work etc) untidy; careless. The teacher told him his work was slipshod.
give (someone) the slip
to escape from or avoid (someone) in a secretive manner. The crooks gave the policemen the slip.
let slip
1. to miss (an opportunity etc). I let the chance slip, unfortunately.
2. to say (something) unintentionally. She let slip some remark about my daughter.
slip into
to put on (clothes) quickly. She slipped into her nightdress.
slip off
1. to take (clothes) off quickly. Slip off your shoe.
2. to move away noiselessly or hurriedly. We'll slip off when no-one's looking.
slip on
to put on (clothes) quickly.
slip up to make a mistake; to fail to do something: They certainly slipped up badly over the new appointment (noun ˈslip-up)
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slip up

يَرْتَكِبُ هَفْوَة udělat chybu begå en lille fejl vertun (sich) κάνω γκάφα equivocarse tunaroida faire une gaffe pogriješiti sbagliare 間違う 실수하다 vergissen (zich) tabbe seg ut potknąć się cometer um engano совершить ошибку göra en tabbe ทำผิดพลาด hata yapmak sơ suất 出差错
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Curzon should now win the Evo-Stik League First Division North title, and third-placed Quakers cannot afford many more slip ups in the remaining eight games.