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A fitted removable cover of cloth or other material for a piece of upholstered furniture.
tr.v. slip·cov·ered, slip·cov·er·ing, slip·cov·ers
To provide with slipcovers or a slipcover.


1. (Furniture) US and Canadian a fitted but easily removable cloth cover for a chair, sofa, etc. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): loose cover
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) US and Canadian a book jacket; dust cover


(ˈslɪpˌkʌv ər)

1. a cover, as for an upholstered chair or sofa, made so as to be easily removable.
2. a book jacket.
3. to cover with a slipcover.
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Noun1.slipcover - a removable fitted cloth covering for upholstered furnitureslipcover - a removable fitted cloth covering for upholstered furniture
cloth covering - a covering made of cloth


[ˈslɪpˌkʌvəʳ] n (Am) → fodera
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I was always planning to reupholster or slipcover it, but I put off the project until the arms of the chair were threadbare and the bottom cushion flat as a pancake.
Even before that, though, she was providing expertise for drapery, slipcover and sofa pillow projects featuring fabric sold in the store.
Tired old Ikea sofas in need of a fresh look can be instantly transformed with a Bemz slipcover. Nikkala sofa slipcover in Sun Yellow Panama, pounds 85, Karlstad armchair slipcover in Stockholm Stripe Candy Pink, pounds 109,
Not unless you were really on an active hunt to buy slipcovers. But now that you're there, you might find you need a slipcover.
For that headboard that was dug out of the basement, Maddie's mom used her seamstress savvy to sew a slipcover from a queen-size sheet that matched the bedding.
Knitters of all levels receive a host of knitting ideas and projects, which are as varied as a cardigan with a 'dreamcatcher' web in the back to a eye-catching slipcover or a corrugated V-neck sweater and hat.
Does your bed skirt or slipcover drag on the floor?
McRoskey Airflex Mattress Company's new dog mattress comes with a removeable slipcover designed by Jonathan Adler.
The high coffered ceilings, reminiscent of an industrial era, are tempered with warm colors and natural finishes, while the slipcover materials and art evoke a relaxed sense of summer."
Melbourne, Australia, November 08, 2013 --( Comfort Works built their reputation by 'awesomising' old and tired IKEA sofas with the application of a tailored premium slipcover. Recently added to the already extensive collection of the old discontinued IKEA slipcovers are models such as the Tylosand sofa slipcover, the Karlanda couch covers, Manstad sofa bed slipcover and the Kramfors sofa replacement leather slipcovers to name a few.
Swedish company Bemz, which designs and manufactures slipcovers to fit some of IKEA's best-selling sofas and chairs, introduced a mix-and-match slipcover collection at the end of October.
* If you have kids or pets, a washable white slipcover can actually be a more practical choice than a colored one, because it can be bleached.