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intr.v. slith·ered, slith·er·ing, slith·ers
1. To move or slide by twisting or undulating the body over a surface, as in the manner of a snake.
2. To walk with a sliding or shuffling gait: slithered over to the window.
3. To slip and slide, as on a loose or uneven surface: "We went slithering down the muddy rocks to sea level" (Jane Rodgers).
A slithering movement or gait.

[Middle English slethren, variant of sliddren, from Old English slidrian, frequentative of slīdan, to slide.]

slith′er·y adj.
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adj, -ier or -iest
1. moving with a slithering motion
2. suggestive of a slithering creature
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Adj.1.slithery - having a slippery surface or quality ; "slithery mud"; "slithery eels"
slippery, slippy - causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide; "slippery sidewalks"; "a slippery bar of soap"; "the streets are still slippy from the rain"
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So smooth and glassy as to offer insecure hold or footing:
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References in classic literature ?
Do you feel a creeping, shrinking sensation, Watson, when you stand before the serpents in the Zoo, and see the slithery, gliding, venomous creatures, with their deadly eyes and wicked, flattened faces.
Top speed is a claimed 143mph with the 0 to 60 acceleration time being a slithery 8.2 seconds.
Free pet handling sessions with these slithery creatures.
But Steve is a huge and hugely unselfconscious enthusiast for the creatures and sees beauty where most of us see an unpredictable slithery thing that could kill instantly.
Close encounters with these slithery creatures and free pet handling sessions.
The estate is particularly eye-catching with slithery lines creating a space-age look.
His main competition for the top spot is the slithery Randall.
As every single piece was wearable, one might debate the merits of the various lengths never micros or minis now, but edging down to the ankle for cocktails and floor for slithery Thirties mermaid evening gowns.
SNAKE specialist and TV reptile expert Peter Heathcote gets to grips with a slithery specimen before his visit to Coventry this weekend.
What is the slimy, slithery thing that creeps across the fair Alice's bedroom floor?
Many of the top places are filled by slimy, slithery substances which tend to put people off.
SNAKE charming shoppers got the St Patrick's Day season off to a slithery start yesterday.