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A long, straight, narrow cut or opening.
tr.v. slit, slit·ting, slits
1. To make a slit or slits in.
2. To cut lengthwise into strips; split.

[Middle English slitte, from slitten, to split, from Old English slītan, to cut up.]

slit′ter n.
slit′ty adj.
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The 445mm wide dual bar, high speed K600i will be integrated with an ABG Omega SRI (slitter, rewinder and inspection unit) and will be printing 100% verified, high resolution, machine readable codes onto diecut labels.
[USPRwire, Fri Oct 05 2018] Slitter Rewinder Machine market: Introduction The slitter rewinder machines are used to cut the large rolls of material into a narrower one with the help of unrolling and re-reeling process.
(UK) will present its range of primary and secondary slitter rewinders at K 2016 as it celebrates 40 years in business.
Presently, assembly of this top-of-the-line slitter is taking place at the company's Houston, Texas location.
The Cordless Duct Slitter is powered by a Makita 12V lithium-ion battery, and is engineered to cut slits at precise depths on conduits, ducts and innerducts.
The Tidland e-Knifeholder has already helped customers improve overall slitter performance and throughput, according to the company.
Saghbini says the decision to invest in a technologically-advanced slitter from the US was centred on USGME's quest for a better quality end product and less waste.
The company's major products can be roughly divided into six categories, including slotters, NC cutters, cutters, circular knives, slitter blades, and slitter circular knives.
TMK IPSCO and Ferrous Metal Processing have entered into an agreement for the installation of the largest slitter in North America, a new .625-inch x 87-inch line, at the TMK IPSCO facility in Wilder, KY.
Atlas Converting Equipment, with annual revenues of some CHF50m (USD51.4m/EUR37m), provides primary and secondary slitter products and slitter rewinders.