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A long, straight, narrow cut or opening.
tr.v. slit, slit·ting, slits
1. To make a slit or slits in.
2. To cut lengthwise into strips; split.

[Middle English slitte, from slitten, to split, from Old English slītan, to cut up.]

slit′ter n.
slit′ty adj.
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References in classic literature ?
With these meditations, Dominicus Pike drove into the street of Parker's Falls, which, as everybody knows, is as thriving a village as three cotton factories and a slitting mill can make it.
Higginbotham was as well known at Parker's Falls as any citizen of the place, being part owner of the slitting mill, and a considerable stockholder in the cotton factories.
While slitting hot melt & specialty laminating and spool-winding have been core to the company for years, specialty slitting and wide web width hot melt laminating have quickly become key components in CPI's forte.
The biggest part of our business is in circular slitting, both in the manufacture of circular slitting knives, as well as equipment that positions the knives.
BAHAWALNAGAR -- A man allegedly killed his wife for 'honour' and also murdered his maternal grandmother who tried to rescue her by slitting their throats at Nasirabad, Chishtian, on Monday.
The slitting line "EVOTECH TENSIONLESS" for wet fabric facilitates the opening and slitting of rope tubular knitted fabric after washing, dyeing and reprocessing.
The slitting design in both medical and food applications presents a challenge for manufacturers who often have to add a non-stick surface treatment to facilitate separation of the slit surfaces or provide special handling and storage instructions for valve opening.
HammerHead Same Path Gas Line Slitting Technology is a tooling system for replacing natural gas distribution pipe that cannot be replaced by traditional bursting methods.
International Resource News-June 4, 2015--Majestic Steel USA adds new Triple Turret Head Single-Loop Slitting Line
In June 2012, USGME took the strategic decision to diversify its portfolio of services, establishing a Steel Coil Slitting Centre at its base in Dammam's Second Industrial City.
The Slitting Centre can, says Zeaiter, also store up to 20,000 metric tonnes of master coils on behalf of third-parties in the area, adding further value for customers.