slitting mill

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A mill where iron bars or plates are slit into narrow strips, as nail rods, and the like
A machine used by lapidaries for slicing stones, usually by means of a revolving disk, called a slicer, supplied with diamond powder.

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Higginbotham was as well known at Parker's Falls as any citizen of the place, being part owner of the slitting mill, and a considerable stockholder in the cotton factories.
With these meditations, Dominicus Pike drove into the street of Parker's Falls, which, as everybody knows, is as thriving a village as three cotton factories and a slitting mill can make it.
Parishioners of St John the Baptist Church in Slitting Mill, near Rugeley, have raised about PS85 towards the fund and are going to appeal to the lottery fund.
He built a new water-powered forge and slitting mill at a nearby site which became known as Winlaton Mill, followed by workers' housing, warehouses, a plating forge, smiths' shops, a second furnace and offices.
The phone was later tracked to Slitting Mill Road, in Rugeley.
"For example at Hadeed, a Sabic company, major systems and projects were delivered, commissioned and installed at different areas in the plant including the hydraulics for the arc furnace, continuous casting machine, push pickling line, hot dip galvanising mill, slitting mill and other parts ofthe caster and hot rolling mill."
He also worked at The Terrace, Brownhills, and The Horns, in the picturesque Cannock Chase village of Slitting Mill.
Over three years, the money will enhance the nearby Sankey Valley Visitor Centre, improve paths and conserve the Stanley Slitting Mill. A range of events including the successful community archaeology project will run alongside the project in the hope of involving the local community.
The furnace either produced ingot sows (for the forging operation and rolling and slitting mill) or was tapped into a ladle to pour castings in buried loam molds.
n n n n It was a Smith family affair at the Bridgtown Social AC match on Horns Pool at Slitting Mill in Rugeley.
One of the women who was hurt, Laura Rawlings, said a woman on horseback "charged" down a hill towards around 20 deer at Slitting Mill at around 4.30pm on Sunday, May 13.
Initiatives included in the project are archaeology works at Lymm Slitting Mill, access improvements around the dam and woodland management works, expected to start in spring 2005.