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A dry colorless plum brandy.

[Serbo-Croatian šljivovica, from šljiva, plum; see sleiə- in Indo-European roots.]
Word History: Though colorless itself, slivovitz is made from bluish plums, and the name for this kind of brandy or schnapps is of Slavic origin and ultimately comes from the Indo-European root meaning "blue." The Slavic words for "plum," such as Serbo-Croatian šljiva, Czech slíva, and Russian sliva, are related to Latin līvidus, "bluish, bruise-colored," from which we get livid, a word synonymous with our black-and-blue when used to describe the discoloration caused by a bruise. The Indo-European root *sleiə-, "bluish," from which the Slavic and the Latin words are descended, has another descendant in English associated with alcohol, sloe, the name of a small sour plum of a dark purplish color. Many who have never seen this type of plum have tasted it in sloe gin, which is flavored with sloes.
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(ˈslɪvəvɪts; ˈsliːvə-) ,






(Brewing) a plum brandy from E Europe
[from Serbo-Croat šljivovica, from sljiva plum]
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(ˈslɪv ə vɪts, -wɪts, ˈʃlɪv-)

a slightly bitter plum brandy from E Europe.
[1895–1900; < German Sliwowitz < Serbo-Croatian šljȉvovica, derivative of šljȉva plum]
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Noun1.slivovitz - a colorless plum brandy popular in the Balkans
brandy - distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
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There is a flask of slivovitz (the plum brandy of the country) underneath the seat, if you should require it."
The beer garden will feature both American and Serbian beers and wines, and of course, Slivovitz, their well known Serbian plum brandy and award-winning Opolo wine from Serbian vintner Rick Quinn.
Times like this, I wish I was allowed to distil liquor, because I would have no problem coping with a few bottles of Poire William, Calvados or Slivovitz, frankly.
Then there's a cocktail made with slivovitz, the potent Eastern European plum brandy, called the City of Gold.
Still others poured us slivovitz, Bila#269i#269 recollects.In shell suits and with plastic bags Under one blanket To the sea and further 31.
Specialty drinks include the Monastery, made with Old Plum brandy, lime juice, honey syrup, plum and fresh basil; CPR, with chamomile-infused rakia, lemon juice, pear puree, ginger syrup and Ambar's house bitters; Belgrade by Night, with rye whiskey, Fernet/Gorki List blend, dessert wine and orange bitters; and the Zastava Sidecar, with Maraska slivovitz, lemon juice, jalapeno, triple sec and hibiscus syrup.
How curious that slivovitz is not purple-- It preserves the memory of a darkening sun.
I once shared a bottle of slivovitz with a one-armed insurgent while the rest of the orchestra waited for me to show up on opening night.
Slivovitz is a drink made through the distillation of what?
"We just have to explain that more succinctly, instead of pedantically discussing whether the EU is currently forcing us to buy cucumbers, or banning homemade Slivovitz."
Hip-flasks of slivovitz emerged from anorak pockets.
The resilience and indomitable spirit shown in the face of war may inspire clinking glasses of slivovitz or rakija as della Torre moves through dangerous waters, both figurative and literal.