n.1.(Mining) A layer of earth between coal seams.
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This result corresponds with the findings of Harris, Wyn and Younes,58 O'Toole, Marsh and Jones and Sloam that claimed "youngsters are concerned with politics and voting which is a clear transition from a traditional media generation to internet based communication".59 However, this is the only political aspect where female left their male counterparts behind as 31.3 per cent female and 27 per cent male students among whole population agreed to vote in next elections.
En contraste con la comprension de la juventud apatica, estudios recientes confirman que se mantiene el interes juvenil en la politica y en los asuntos publicos (Amna y Ekman, 2013; Sloam, 2016).
The Fiscal Crisis of the German State," in Alister Miskimmon, William Paterson and James Sloam (eds), Germany's Gathering Crisis: The 2005 Federal Election and the Grand Coalition, (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009), pp.
The main construction measures of the project are: - securing the shore areas by means of steel sheet walls in front of or in the bank crutches; - repositioning of the spandau horn with new shoring and dredging; - arrangement of shallow water zones; - erection of waiting and landing sites in sheet piling construction; - soil dredging within the limits of the overall conveyor, Including adaptation of the underwater bays; - installation of floor guards; - securing of the sloam transitions or stagnation walls by underwater steel sheet piling walls; - anchoring of existing steel sheet piling walls.
Whereas actualizing forms of engagement appear to reduce inequalities of participation based on age and gender, they tend to increase inequalities based on education and socioeconomic status (Quintelier, 2008; Sloam, 2014).
Dawn Collinson Photographer: Sane Seven Hair: Cat Prado @ Prado, Liverpool ONE Makeup: Grace Sloam @ Charlotte Tilbury, John Lewis, Liverpool ONE Stylist: Hester Brodie Assistant: Kate Gately Location: The Club House in Liverpool ONE & Aintree Racecourse Cover image: Jen wears: cape, Ted Baker - PS199; top, Coast - PS95; skirt, Selected at John Lewis - PS60; bracelet, Warehouse - PS15 Greg wears: suit Reiss - PS495; shirt, Reiss - PS80; tie, stylist's own
Esta relevancia politica de los medios sociales destaca especialmente entre los jovenes occidentales, que a partir del uso de estos nuevos medios estan desarrollando nuevas formas de participacion ajenas a las instituciones politicas tradicionales (Sloam, 2014).
In addition, Sloam "compares and contrasts the civic and political engagement of young people" as "conventional forms of politics".
The traditional ability of the Volksparteien CDU/CSU and SPD to aggregate the large variety amongst the broad sectional societal interests in the Western and Eastern part of the country and therefore to be able to count on a broad basis of support in elections, is weakening considerably (Sloam 2008: 135).