n.1.A slough; a run or wet place. See 2d Slough, 2.
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For a sympull sclaghtur yt were to sloo, Or to wyrke soche a chyld woo Pat can noder speyke nor goo Nor neuer harme did.
then I'm afraid we have to do without broo 'broth', as well as the alternative /br[LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]:[theta]/ pronunciation' (counts as 2 items), pos 'poss' or 'pose' in the meaning of the 'cold' you get (counts as 2 items), swoeo 'swath', mos 'moss', sloo 'sloth' and gloe(:)d 'glad', which might actually go back to a long vowel anyway.
The defendant named in the lawsuit, Mark Sloo, doing business as Clark Publishing and Design in Kansas City, Missouri, obtained a registration to use the domain names "bbb.
Sloo indicate that his only real interest is to barter the BBB domain names.
Our second scenario assumes that, in addition to the weather assumptions above, this tightening reverses course, and mortgage lending standards ease modestly until the SLOOS measure returns to where it had been at the end of 2013.
Because SLOOS questions refer to changes in lending standards over the previous three months and surveys are conducted early in each quarter, we shift SLOOS responses back one quarter in time: the survey released in April 2014 corresponds to lending standards in 2014:Q1.
The SLOOS is intended to measure how shocks affect the willingness of banks to extend C&I loans.
According to the SLOOS, the deceleration in such loans can be explained, in part, by businesses' reduced demand to finance inventory accumulation and fixed investment.
Oosterwijk JC, Knepfle CFHM, Mesker WE, Vrolijk H, Sloos WCR, Pattenier H, et al.
Oosterwijk JC, Knepfle CF, Mesker WE, Vrolijk H, Sloos WC, Pattenier H, et al.