slope away


w>slope away

(ground, roof)abfallen
(inf: = slip away) → abziehen (inf)
References in classic literature ?
All the time I am only saying to myself, "I must hollow out a bit here; I must slope away there;" and I am making a perfect slave of her, with making her try on my doll's dress.
4 thick reinforced concrete pad east of existing swine barn per attached drawing: pad #1: 24~x24~ pad located east of swine barn; slope to east away from barno pad #2: 14~x12~ pad located east of swine barn & north of 24~ pad slope away from barn
The only solution was to slope away from this picture of disaster and head for the wider country.
This is being broken at the moment and that Sian is unacceptable, creating a slippery slope away from the robust language policy adopted in 2010, when the new association was set up to take over the social housing stock in Gwynedd.
Ensure air bricks can 'breathe' and that paving or flower beds close to the house are six inches below damp course level and slope away to shed water.
If it can be regraded to slope away from the foundation and covered with black plastic weighted down with stones or anchored with landscape staples (they look like croquet wickets), you should no longer have a problem in that area.
Starting from the centre of Castleton we walk in a westerly direction towards High Castleton and opposite the village primary school we turn left up a slope away from the main road.
Also ensure the ground around the house is graded to slope away from the foundation.
Employees won't do as much work from home, goes the thinking, they'll start late, finish early, get distracted by their kids and slope away from the computer to watch the Olympics on telly.
The system lies under seven to 10 metres of water on a gradual underwater slope away from the manmade sea wall.
Green-fingered enthusiasts will appreciate the attractive landscaped gardens which slope away from the cottage, providing long range views.
Ridge--The top of an A-type tent where the two sides slope away.