slope down

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w>slope down

visich neigen, abfallen
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It will be a very fine object from many parts of the park, and the flower-garden will slope down just before it, and be exceedingly pretty.
And do you observe, where those trees slope down the hill, (indicating them with a sweep of the hand, and with all the patronising air of the man who has himself arranged the landscape), "how the mists rising from the river fill up exactly those intervals where we need indistinctness, for artistic effect?
He saw the point of the road where the regiment marched into action on the 16th, and the slope down which they drove the French cavalry who were pressing on the retreating Belgians.
At the galgenacher it leads east of the bzberger part of the lower harbor to bzbergstrasse, crosses this and a stream and leads between panoramaweg and schryberweg a steep slope down direction bzberglinie the sbb which is crossed there.
Both models feature a pair of carbon fibre humps that start right behind the passenger compartment and gently slope down towards the back of the model.
Crossing the next field there are fine views ahead and we then follow the slope down the field to pass through two gates.
It will grow in size following the demolition of some nearby shops and, since vehicle traffic will soon be moved underground, the park will slope down towards Cumhuriyet Street, further integrating Gezi Park with the area of Taksim Square around AtatE-rk Statue, the statement said.
It's a very steep slippery slope down into the offending risk area.
It is a bit of a ski slope down there, but they seem to like it.
Continue from the summit to the south east and follow the broad slope down into the valley, follow the path up and over the next mountain to get the best views of Pen y Fan, and on to the top of Cribyn.
Not surprisingly due to the hill, and the name, you have to go down steps to get into the back of the pub, or brave the slope down to the main entrance.
Freezing fun: Brothers Daniel, Jamie, Corey, Reece and Brandon Walker throwing snowballs in the Lickey Hills and (right) Corey braves the slippery slope down the hillside.