slot together


w>slot together

vi (parts, object) → sich zusammenfügen lassen; (fig, pieces of mystery etc) → sich zusammenfügen, zusammenpassen
vt sep parts, objectzusammenfügen
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Many people can do the slot together if they like - it would be PS5 per person and they can pick their own slots.
If it is easy to see which pieces slot together you become bored of the game, but if the pieces don't appear to fit, when we know they should, the brain becomes excited," said Professor Philip Davis, from the University's School of English.
PS179, LUXURY BUY ORIGINAL RUSTIC SOLID OAK NEST OF TABLES: Each piece is made from high-quality oak and slot together to make the most of available space.
Converge earlier said it was keen to make a bid for the third telco slot together with partners KT Corp and Teltech Group.
Instead, the HP Envy comes with a microSD slot together with two USB Type-C and two full-sized USB ports.
He spent weeks designing and making his poppy suit, which weighs almost half a stone and comprises of 16 pieces that slot together.
Dunkirk glisters in fragments, which slot together to form a compelling and deeply moving narrative.
Dunkirk glisters in fragments, which slot together to form a compelling and deeply moving narrative that captures this page in recent history from multiple perspectives.
Based in Wageningen, east Netherlands, Plant-e system consists of 50 centimetre (about 20 inches) square plastic plates containing technology that can slot together and hold the plants.
The pieces slot together to deliver the larger story of what has brought Eldon to the point of dying from the drink and in so doing, Wagamese is careful to relate the tale of a man, who initially the reader judges as just another drunk and deadbeat dad, but for whom the reader comes to feel compassion and empathy.
"We had the Australians in but I think we should look at how can we combine our slot together," Shaikh Salman said late on Tuesday.