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v. slouched, slouch·ing, slouch·es
1. To sit, stand, or walk with an awkward, drooping posture.
2. To droop or hang carelessly, as a hat.
To cause to droop; stoop.
1. An awkward, drooping posture or gait.
2. Slang An awkward, lazy, or inept person: good at chess and no slouch at bridge, either.

[Origin unknown.]

slouch′er n.
slouch′i·ly adv.
slouch′i·ness n.
slouch′y adj.


adj, -ier or -iest
1. slouching; lazy
2. (of clothes) casual, soft, and relatively unstructured
ˈslouchily adv
ˈslouchiness n


(ˈslaʊ tʃi)

adj. slouch•i•er, slouch•i•est.
resembling a slouch or a slouching manner, posture, etc.
slouch′i•ly, adv.
slouch′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.slouchy - lacking stiffness in form or posture; "a slouchy sweater"
untidy - not neat and tidy; "careless and untidy in her personal habits"; "an untidy living room"; "untidy and casual about money"
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But Fun See was delightfully Chinese from his junk-like shoes to the button on his pagoda hat; for he had got himself up in style, and was a mass of silk jackets and slouchy trousers.
"If I was the President, I 'd make a law to shut up all boys till they were grown; for they certainly are the most provoking toads in the world," said Fanny, as she watched the slouchy figure of her brother strolling down the street.
Expect cracking fires and slouchy sofas to snuggle into.
AQ/AQ Didion structured knee length dress PS110, shoes and earrings, stylist's own ACID WASH DENIM: Slouchy acid wash is a big trend.
In 2018, fashion trends showcased comfort-from track pants to high-waisted jeans, to oversized sweaters and slouchy cardigans.
Be it, Rihanna or Meghan Markle, slouchy boots are making a '90s-shaped comeback, according to market editor Samantha Wong.
1CHECKS AND TWEED HERITAGE prints were huge on the AW18 catwalks, from slouchy coats to sharp suits.
This one is PS95 at French Connection 3 GET SHIRTY For a buttoned-up look try this Glenn western-style blouse, PS30, 4 FRONTIER FLARE This denim midi skirt will look great with slouchy knee-high boots, PS34, 5 BEST WESTERN Team this belted dress with trainers not cowboy boots to avoid looking like you are off to a fancy dress party, PS20, George at Asda 6 WHITE HOT We reckon Dolly Parton would love these.
They added: "From hanky-hem midis to pussy-bow blouses, the revered trend has transitioned into our AW18 wardrobes - we'll be wearing ours with denim and slouchy knits."
This season, we love the bras and leggings edged with gold stripes, and the slouchy slogan tees and hoodies.
Premium coat PS120, Pretty Little Thing, 8 BERRY NICE Work the violet trend in this basic T-shirt, PS5, Next, 9 BOTTOMS UP These joggers take slouchy clothes to a stylish new level, PS30, Topshop, 10 THINK PINK Forget blue suede shoes and pick up thes pink cone-heeled courts instead, PS17.99, New Look,
But we're not talking constrictive jackets and pencil skirts - right now, a slouchy oversized blazer should be top of your shopping list.