slough off

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slough 1

 (slo͞o, slou) also slew (slo͞o)
1. A depression or hollow, usually filled with deep mud or mire.
2. also slue A swamp, marsh, bog, or pond, especially as part of a bayou, inlet, or backwater.
3. A state of deep despair or moral degradation.

[Middle English, from Old English slōh.]

slough′y adj.

slough 2

1. The dead outer skin shed by a reptile or amphibian.
2. Medicine A layer or mass of dead tissue separated from surrounding living tissue, as in a wound, sore, or inflammation.
3. An outer layer or covering that is shed or removed.
v. sloughed, slough·ing, sloughs
1. To be cast off or shed; come off: "smooth fallen branches from which all bark has sloughed" (David M. Carroll).
2. To shed a slough: every time that a snake sloughs.
3. Medicine To separate from surrounding living tissue. Used of dead tissue.
1. To cast off or shed (skin or a covering): came inside and sloughed off his coat.
2. To discard or disregard as undesirable or unfavorable: sloughed off her misgivings.
Phrasal Verb:
slough off
Slang To work less intensely than is required or expected.

[Middle English slughe; akin to Middle High German slūch, sluoch , sloughed off snake skin (Modern German Schlauch, hose, tire tube).]


A borough of southeast England, a residential and industrial suburb of London.
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slough off

(tr, adverb) to cast off (cares, etc)
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Verb1.slough off - discard as undesirable; "the candidate sloughed off his former campaign workers"
get rid of, remove - dispose of; "Get rid of these old shoes!"; "The company got rid of all the dead wood"
2.slough off - separate from surrounding living tissue, as in an abortion
practice of medicine, medicine - the learned profession that is mastered by graduate training in a medical school and that is devoted to preventing or alleviating or curing diseases and injuries; "he studied medicine at Harvard"
amputate, cut off - remove surgically; "amputate limbs"
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slough off

verb shed, discard, throw off, cast off, divest yourself of She tried to slough off her old habits.
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w>slough off

vt sep skin, cellsabstreifen; habits, caresabwerfen, abschütteln; (hum) husbandden Laufpass geben (+dat)
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slough off

[ˌslʌfˈɒf] vt + adv
a. (subj, snake) to slough off its skinmutare pelle
b. (liter) (abandon, habit) → abbandonare
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References in classic literature ?
Microscopically small had been the edges of the lung-tissue touched by the frost, but they now began to slough off, giving rise to a dry, hacking cough.
And so they are forced to slough off the unsuccessful and unproductive sooner or later.
HHHHH | Soaper Duper Zesty Lemon Body Scrub PS7, Tesco: SLOUGH off dull winter skin with this fast and effective body scrub.
Khwaja Asif, who is among the central leaders of the PML-N, was of the view that Pakistan should slough off its reliance on the US and strengthen its relations with other countries of the region.
Caption: On high water, angler at left works a shallow slough off the main river stem.
Deserving of its unprecedented status, the ceasefire agreement, a major breakthrough given the fractious nature of bilateralism in the recent years, has the power to enable the two countries to finally slough off their old, tired skin of hostility and for this reason alone, its import cannot be downplayed.
She needs to slough off 'more pa-more,' but she already looks lighter and better, so, keep it up (and the weight down)!
Slough off dead skin cells to make way for a real glow.
Do you wear it as a badge of honour or do you slough off the sKin of coal dust and Kes when you head south?
If you can't cut back on tea and coffee, choose a toothpaste with an exfoliation formula that'll slough off stains.
Use an old toothbrush to gently slough off the dead skin that's sitting on your lips and mak ing them look flak y.
Rain was causing plaster to slough off of the Saenger Theatre's interiors, prompting the building's owner, Old Town Theatre Centre Inc., to announce the long-shuttered venue would be torn down unless at least $35,000 was raised to make initial roof repairs.