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Proceeding at a tediously slow pace: a slow-footed story.

slow′-foot′ed·ness n.
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Proceeding at a rate less than usual or desired:
Informal: poky.
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But either because inquiry was too slow-footed to overtake him, or because the description applied to so many pedlars that inquiry did not know how to choose among them, weeks passed away, and there was no other result concerning the robbery than a gradual cessation of the excitement it had caused in Raveloe.
In Numa's estimation man was a slow-witted, slow-footed creature which commanded no respect unless accompanied by the acrid odor which spelled to the monarch's sensitive nostrils the great noise and the blinding flash of an express rifle.
There were white-tusked wild males, with fallen leaves and nuts and twigs lying in the wrinkles of their necks and the folds of their ears; fat, slow-footed she-elephants, with restless, little pinky black calves only three or four feet high running under their stomachs; young elephants with their tusks just beginning to show, and very proud of them; lanky, scraggy old-maid elephants, with their hollow anxious faces, and trunks like rough bark; savage old bull elephants, scarred from shoulder to flank with great weals and cuts of bygone fights, and the caked dirt of their solitary mud baths dropping from their shoulders; and there was one with a broken tusk and the marks of the full-stroke, the terrible drawing scrape, of a tiger's claws on his side.
In the Korea drama, a slow-footed America is struggling to decide its next step.
For years, the company has funneled its energies into quick-turnaround, splashy upgrades that are designed to wow the faithful and make rivals seem slow-footed.
The company's US sales have sagged, with analysts blaming its slow-footed response to a trend away from constructed bras towards more comfortable intimate wear.
And even before this fall, many believed the US' engagement with Africa was meagre and slow-footed to begin with.
D-Train lacks the creepy edge of Chuck, and without that, it's just a slow-footed farce built around improbable lies and an even more improbable "moment of weakness.
Unfinished Business, the second film Vaughn has done with the slow-footed and sentimental Canadian Ken Scott (Delivery Man) groans under the weight of expected laughs, expectations that are rarely met.
You get the sense Ohio State coach Urban Meyer won't mind if everyone spends the next week wondering how poor, slow-footed Ohio State will hang with the speedy Ducks.
One noticeable area of improvement for the notoriously slow-footed Brady this season has been as a runner.
You will know that when Wade Abello's finished shaking the flaky crumbs from his croissant out of his napkin and onto his plate in the dining room of the Hotel Mercure and pushed back his chair and walked outside and begun to make his lumbering slow-footed way along the boardwalk carrying what looks like his lunch in a paper bag.