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slow motion

A film or video technique in which the action is recorded at a faster rate than usual or replayed at a slower rate than usual, thereby slowing the action on the screen.

slow′-mo′tion adj.

slow′ mo′tion

the process or technique of filming or taping a motion-picture or television sequence at an accelerated rate of speed and then projecting or replaying it at normal speed so that the action appears to be slowed down.


1. photographed or appearing in slow motion.
2. proceeding at a strikingly slow rate.


A. ADJ slow-motion filmpelícula f a cámara lenta
B. N to show a film in slow-motionpasar una película a cámara lenta, pasar una película ralentizada
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Sharing the twenty second teaser on Twitter, the actor wrote: "Life slow-motion mein jaane wali hai (Life is going to move into slow-motion)."
In the commercial, the slow-motion part of Catriona's iconic walk has been associated with the fast food chain's ice cream brand called Twirl.
Indian-Pakistani-Afghan playback singer Adnan Sami Khan walked out of the headquarters of the Indian Air Force in slow-motion moments before it started exploding behind him.Bystanders say that Sami looked extremely cool while the said incident took place.
Gray definitely took the spotlight when she had her slow-motion twirl during the preliminaries of Miss Universe held in Thailand on Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- Researchers have developed the world's fastest camera till date that can capture 10 trillion frames per second, making slow-motion more real like.
Simply state, Take a 4K HDR movie, Take a Super slow-motion video, or Open 3D Creator to Google Assistant to launch each feature.
Recently, while taking Kelly McCann's defensive handgun course, I witnessed firsthand the benefits of slow-motion video.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Filming slow-motion video requires capturing more than the standard 30 or 60 frames per second.
Super Slow-mo captures what your eyes can't with video that is four times slower than traditional slow-motion videos on smartphones, making every day moments epic with dynamic video that captures 960 frames per second.
The TOWIE star, 37, practised her slow-motion running in Marbella while modelling a red cossie like the one actress Pamela Anderson wore in the hit 1990s lifeguard show.
can also create their own GIFs in super slow-mo by incorporating loops, rewinds and more.In addition to this, Samsung enthusiasts are invited to explore the slow-motion function of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.