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slow motion

A film or video technique in which the action is recorded at a faster rate than usual or replayed at a slower rate than usual, thereby slowing the action on the screen.

slow′-mo′tion adj.

slow′ mo′tion

the process or technique of filming or taping a motion-picture or television sequence at an accelerated rate of speed and then projecting or replaying it at normal speed so that the action appears to be slowed down.


1. photographed or appearing in slow motion.
2. proceeding at a strikingly slow rate.


A. ADJ slow-motion filmpelícula f a cámara lenta
B. N to show a film in slow-motionpasar una película a cámara lenta, pasar una película ralentizada
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A first for Sony consumer cameras, the new RX100 IV and RX10 II both have the ability to record super slow-motion videos of up to 40x slower than the standard rate, allowing users to capture and replay fleeting moments of action with incredible detail, resolution and clarity.
The result is a slow-motion playback solution that's unrivaled on the Android platform.
The 54-year-old, from Dunblane, said she has had to change the way she reacts during the Wimbledon champion's matches after seeing slow-motion TV coverage of herself.
Summary: Cairo: The slow-motion retrial of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak dragged on at snail's pace .
Watch people getting sprayed with silly string, feathers flying, beer splashing out of glasses, and people being punched in glorious slow-motion video in this three minute composition of the best moments from their slow motion video booth here.
And then they acted in slow-motion," The Telegraph quoted, Antoshkin as saying.
During an emergency meeting of the United Nations' General Assembly on Thursday night to boost the foreign aid commitment, secretary general Ban Ki-moon said the floods were like "a slow-motion tsunami" that presented an ongoing crisis.
Adapted here by scriptwriter Brian Helgeland from John Godey's novel, The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 begins at a canter and barely pauses for breath between the slow-motion crashes and John Travolta's voracious scenery chewing.
The Taking Of Pelham 123 begins at a canter and barely pauses for breath between the slow-motion crashes and John Travolta's voracious scenery chewing.
I've got a gun in each hand, slow-motion at my fingertips -- and doves.
He made up his own training regime, which involved moving very slowly on a treadmill, slow-motion swimming, and running slowly in a farmer's field "where nobody could see me".
Slow-motion video shows that such a blow temporarily flattens the bottom fly, which splays out his legs, Kravitz reports.