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slubs in a length of wool yarn


tr.v. slubbed, slub·bing, slubs
To draw out and twist (a strand of silk or other textile fiber) in preparation for spinning.
1. A soft thick nub in yarn that is either an imperfection or purposely set for a desired effect.
2. A slightly twisted roll of fiber, as of silk or cotton.

[Origin unknown.]
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Adj.1.slubbed - of textilesslubbed - of textiles; having a rough surface; "a sweater knitted of nubbly homespun yarns"
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
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It gives the best performance with the elastic single and dual core yarns (such as LYCRA A(r)+ T-400 + cotton), very fine compact yarns, coarse and slubbed yarns and various blends in particular, like with TENCELA(r).
Safavieh will expand its solid-color program with a new polyester velvet line and silk constructions crafted of slubbed polyester, each of which will be in a range of 10 fashion colors.
Slubbed asymmetrical top EUR6 with tweed knee length shorts EUR13 and check asymmetrical jacket EUR29 and check shirt EUR9.
But a catalogue arrived and here's this cardigan - made, I am assured, of a lovely slubbed yarn with discreet floral panels and a waffle hem band.