slugging average

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slug′ging av`erage

a measure of a baseball player's effectiveness in making extra-base hits, obtained by dividing total bases reached by number of times at bat. Also called slug′ging percent`age.
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La Salle's Diego Lozano was stellar for the Green Batters winning the Season MVP, the Best Slugger award after posting an .842 slugging average, and the Most Homeruns plum with three.
Today, thanks to James, such traditional measures as runs batted in and batting averages are seen as flawed precursors to more adequate statistics such as on-base percentage, slugging average and other recently developed measures.
The definition is on-base average (OBA) player over OBA league plus slugging average (SLG) player over SLG league minus 1, all times one hundred.
8 The four MLB players to hit .300 with a .400 on base percentage and .500 slugging average in 2016 are Mike Trout (.315 .441/.550), Joey Votto (.326/.434/.550), David Ortiz (.315/.401/.620) and Freddie Freeman (.302/.400/.569).
He would fix this primarily by making the team more aggressive in the annual amateur draft (as the real new GM, Sandy Alderson, is doing), spending as much money as possible on developing the draftees and looking for good pickups among young prospects who exhibit promise measured by moderately newfangled statistics such as on-base plus slugging average (OPS) for hitters and strikeouts and walks per nine innings for pitchers.
Two variables were chosen to represent the player's productivity at the plate, slugging average and on-base-percentage plus slugging average (OPS).
He ended his 20-year career with a .297 batting average and a .489 slugging average. His 236 home runs, 1,179 runs batted in, 1,912 hits, and 396 doubles were all once records for catchers.
(2) Our season-variant data for hitters are age, age squared, a dummy variable for each team's primary designated hitter, and performance data that include games played as well as slugging average, home runs per game, stolen base percentage, runs batted in per game, walks per game, strikeouts per game, hit by pitch per game, sacrifice flies per game, and runs scored per game.
For each of the three age groups, hitters' on-base percentage plus slugging average (OPS) and pitchers' walks plus hits divided by innings pitched (WHIP) in 2003 were compared to the seasons before and after the players filed for free agency.
But in the past 11 games, Sansoe's on-base average is up 30 points, his batting average nearly 50 and his slugging average more than 70.
It's a hitter's slugging average, which measures how many extra base hits he gets.
Despite missing five years to military duty during his prime, Ted's career numbers are astounding: the highest on-base average in history at .483; the second highest slugging average, behind Babe Ruth, at .634; 521 home runs; and a lifetime batting average of .344.