slugging percentage

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slug·ging percentage

n. Baseball
A player's total number of bases reached on hits divided by official at bats, expressed to three decimal places and used as a measure of batting power. Also called slugging average.
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How many other players have led the league in average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage without winning the MVP?
The Biz of Baseball Increases Its Slugging Percentage (http://bizofbaseball.
Statistical analysis to measure player performance has become so sophisticated over the last quarter century that traditional tools like batting average and earned run average have been augmented and in some cases even replaced by more encompassing measurements like on-base percentage, which became an official statistic in 1984, and the more revolutionary OPS--a term that combines a player's on-base percentage and slugging percentage.
Baseball aficionados can routinely rank players by their batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage, to mention only a few.
Students rarely relish statistics, but baseball fans can't get enough of them--earned run averages, batting averages, slugging percentage (a calculation that reflects the number of bases reached per hit), and home run tallies, to name just a few.
While less sexy than the home run mark, the record shattered by Bonds for slugging percentage, which measures total bases from hits, may be even more astonishing.
The 30-year-old has posted a slugging percentage over .
Players Who Led The League In Batting Average, On-Base Percentage and Slugging Percentage in Same Season
Colabello led the league in total bases (219), extra-base hits (52), doubles (32) and slugging percentage (.
272 but it's largely empty as his slugging percentage (.