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A watery meat stew.

[Perhaps slum, muddy deposit in a mining sluice + dialectal gullion, mud (perhaps from Irish Gaelic goilín, pit).]


(slʌmˈɡʌljən; ˈslʌmˌɡʌl-)
1. (Cookery) slang an inexpensive stew
2. (Fishing) offal, esp the refuse from whale blubber
3. (Mining & Quarrying) a reddish mud deposited in mine sluices
[C19: from slum in US sense slime + gullion, perhaps variant of cullion testicles]


(slʌmˈgʌl yən, ˈslʌmˌgʌl-)

an unappetizing stew or hash.
[1840–50, Amer.; compare Scots, Hiberno-E gullion quagmire]
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Noun1.slumgullion - a thin stew of meat and vegetables
stew - food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables
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Throw in the local color, wads of it, and a bit of sentiment perhaps, but no slumgullion about political economy nor social strata or such stuff.
As nation-states in Europe wipe away their borders and dilute the flavors of their national cultures in a European Union slumgullion, their peoples are adopting new identities.
2003, Seasonal movement of the Slumgullion landslide determined from Global Positioning System surveys and field instrumentation, July 1998 - March 2002.
To legislate, the Brotherhood needs partners in parliament's ideological slumgullion.
According to a report in Nature News, the research was carried out by William Schulz of the United States Geological Survey in Denver, Colorado, and colleagues, who took as their subject case the four-kilometre-long Slumgullion landslide in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.
Then I flipped the page and discovered a true family favorite under the name "Veronica's Slumgullion.