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An owner of slum property, especially one that overcharges tenants and allows the property to deteriorate.

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informal chiefly US and Canadian an absentee landlord of slum property, esp one who profiteers
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a landlord who owns poorly maintained buildings, esp. one who charges exorbitant rents.
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WASHINGTON House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested Thursday if President Donald Trump wants to belittle her Baltimore hometown as rat-infested, then he should consult with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whom she calls a "slumlord."
"Each bill does something that will change slumlord behavior," Johnson said.
A notoriousHarrowlandlord dubbed a "slumlord millionaire" must cough up [pounds sterling]1.5 million or spend nine years in jail.
Eudaly called Prime Group a "slumlord" and said the City Council and Oregon Legislature must do more to protect renters from landlords who don't fulfill their obligations.
In Ardh Satya a Mumbai police officer, forced into the profession by his policeman father, finds himself trying to stay upright in the face of the rise of a slumlord who wins an election and becomes an influential municipal corporator.
A local television news team uncovers the city of Los Angeles as the biggest slumlord in town, owner of hundreds of housing units that do not meet minimal standards of decency required of capitalist landlords.
i would be able to tell i'm a nasty slumlord good-for-nothing, maybe i am being scammed.
Cases included suing a slumlord who had evicted 37 tenants from their Miami apartments during a housing shortage in the wake of Hurricane Andrew; assisting a quadriplegic Vietnam War veteran with mortgage and tax issues; successfully defending a paralegal charged with the unauthorized practice of law for serving as an advocate for parents and their special-needs children in school proceedings; and even serving as guardian for one of his pro bono clients, who was struggling with serious medical and cognitive disabilities.
There, he meets his first true friend; squabbles with the local rat slumlord and other villains; and meets a squirrel artist who takes him on as an apprentice and employee.
Potter, the town's evil moneybags and slumlord, tries to destroy George's building and loan business by offering him a high-paying job, the music has a slyly seductive lilt right out of "You're a Mean One, Mr.
A multitudinous cast features the forlorn college dropout Max, as well as an outcast group that includes a metaconceptual artist, a reporter, and a slumlord villain.
Wayne Christian has called his opponent Gary Gates a "slumlord," citing a nearly decade-old case in which the city of Houston sought to close an apartment that Gates owned.