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An owner of slum property, especially one that overcharges tenants and allows the property to deteriorate.


informal chiefly US and Canadian an absentee landlord of slum property, esp one who profiteers



a landlord who owns poorly maintained buildings, esp. one who charges exorbitant rents.
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Slumlords profit immensely from providing low-cost squalid dwellings that erode basic human decency.
Out rush the retirees and glamour pusses; in rush the lawyers and slumlords.
Marama Fox has already distanced herself from the housing crisis by calling National slumlords even though the M?
The man at the center of the controversy, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, denies claims his campaign's rhetoric is anti-Semitic, prominently featuring a 2014 article on his website entitled "Fighting Jewish Slumlords Isn't Anti-Semitic".
That helps local schools, supports business, increases property values for us all, and prevents slumlords from taking over our foreclosures.
Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government has announced a compensation of Rs100,000 to the victims and is considering a proposal to amend the Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Slumlords, Bootleggers, Drug Offenders and Dangerous Persons Act.
The slumlords in this picture are not the private investors shoring up old properties, but the city officials and other public workers who have degraded the local infrastructure.
By 1918 she was one of the top experts in the country on such matters as unemployment, wage and hour laws, child labor, slums and slumlords, prostitution and immigrants.
The coalition could demand that the CHA and Mayor Rahm Emanuel ramp up efforts to police bad landlords, advocate for these families and ensure that our dollars are not rewarding slumlords.
Unfortunately, I think too many legislators think of slumlords or greedy landlords when they think of apartments.
The fact that there are so many slumlords in New York is appalling," Klein adds.
On top of that, the slumlords that control all services provided in slums, including rent and electricity, are harsh and sometimes worse than criminals, extracting their full share while boasting of providing a service that the State has not been able to deliver.