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n. often slums
A heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and squalor: grew up in a slum near downtown; lived in the slums by the river.
intr.v. slummed, slum·ming, slums
To visit impoverished areas or squalid locales, especially out of curiosity or for amusement.
slum it
To endure conditions or accommodations that are worse than what one is accustomed to.

[Origin unknown.]

slum′mer n.
slum′my adj.
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As Heap argues, slumming "contributed significantly to the emergence and codification of a new twentieth-century hegemonic social order--one that was structured primarily around an increasingly polarized white/black racial axis and a heterohomosexual binary that were defined in reciprocal relationship to one another" (3).
And by using race and sexuality as roughly parallel analytics, he offers additional depth as well, including different sorts of slumming as equally interesting.
City Hall's failures bear the greatest burden of responsibility for the slumming of the Valley.