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n. often slums
A heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and squalor: grew up in a slum near downtown; lived in the slums by the river.
intr.v. slummed, slum·ming, slums
To visit impoverished areas or squalid locales, especially out of curiosity or for amusement.
slum it
To endure conditions or accommodations that are worse than what one is accustomed to.

[Origin unknown.]

slum′mer n.
slum′my adj.
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(ˈslʌm i)

adj. -mi•er, -mi•est.
being or resembling a slum.
slum′mi•ness, n.
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Adj.1.slummy - (of housing or residential areas) indicative of poverty; "a slummy part of town"; "slum conditions"
poor - characterized by or indicating poverty; "the country had a poor economy"; "they lived in the poor section of town"
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[ˈslʌmɪ] ADJmuy pobre, sórdido
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adj (+er) (inf)verwahrlost; slummy districtSlumgegend f
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[ˈslʌmɪ] adj (buildings) → povero/a, squallido/a; (appearance) → misero/a
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Mums have been put into tribes for years now: Earth Mother, Tiger Mum, Slummy Mummy, Boss B***h, but most parents have characteristics from each group - plus the categorisation can be a bit tiresome.
Fifteen years later, a European NGO employed him as a translator and researcher in Temeke, Dar es Salaam's slummy southern district.
Khan al-Khalili market in Cairo -- Flickr/V Manninen CAIRO -- 4 September 2018: Cairo Governor Khaled Abdel Aal has followed up Monday on the construction of the new Al-Tounsi civilized market that is set to replace the old slummy market located in al-Basateen district in southern Cairo.
Set in 2045 -- aka "the future" -- it introduces us to a rusty, ramshackle planet where countless residents of Columbus, Ohio -- the planet's largest metropolis -- live in unkempt shipping containers piled up like slummy Jenga towers.
But for Orwell, travelling north, hints of poverty and depression start in the "slummy parts" of Wolverhampton.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has labelled the American embassy in the ancient city "a slummy American settlement" and declared that he no longer viewed the US administration as a credible mediator for peace talks.
Highlighting the plight of Rohingyas in Pakistan, the writer said the visceral effects can be seen in the slummy neighborhoods of Karachi which the Rohingya mainly inhabit and which are deprived of the most basic facilities forcing the community to live in squalor.
Because of the movies and stories, I expected it to be slummy, dirty and way too overcrowded with its 20 million citizens.
From the elegant home in the Parisian suburbs where she was raised, she now lives in a small, slummy apartment.