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1. Often Offensive A person considered to be sexually promiscuous.
2. Archaic
a. A woman prostitute.
b. An untidy, dirty woman; a slattern.

[Middle English slutte.]

slut′tish adj.
slut′tish·ly adv.
slut′ty adj.


adj, sluttier or sluttiest
1. dirty; untid; slovenly
2. (esp of a woman) sexually promiscuous


(ˈslʌt i)

adj. -ti•er, -ti•est.
of or resembling a slut.
Often, slut′tish.
[1350–1400; Middle English: dirty, slovenly; see slut, -y1]
slut′tish•ly, adv.
slut′tish•ness, n.
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Once upon a time we didn't know what Trick Or Treating was, but now on All Hallows' Eve you can't move for Slutty Zombies and kids jacked up on candy (THEY'RE CALLED SWEETS).
So, anyone wearing wings and fishnet stockings will be filling up the streets this year, but so will witches, she-devils and slutty versions of “Frozen” characters.
After being told to call his date "crazy like the Kardashians," the woman simply miffed and said, "I'm not that slutty.
The sheer mesh T-shirt also showcased her bra but the actress, who is next to be seen looking somewhat less than her best as Linda Lovelace's mother in the new biopic about the notorious porn star, managed to make it look sexy not slutty.
To be honest with you, I sometimes wish I were more slutty.
The former Pussycat Doll said that she is not coming from a dark place and if she was a little more slutty she would probably be a lot more successful than she is.
She thinks I look a bit slutty because I have got long hair" TV presenter Davina McCall, 45, above "Marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but I tell you, Miriam and I didn't get married because we got offered PS3 a week.
Actually, now that you mention it, a slutty Mother Theresa sounds fun.
The boys dress as zombies and superheroes, while the girls - especially the pre-teens - favor costumes such as Slutty Princess, Slutty Barbie, Slutty Bride, and Slutty Hannah Montana, although the latter title is redundant.
MARRIED WITH CHILDREN - SEASON 3 15 The TV show we all remember so fondly - in my case mainly because of the lovely Christina Applegate as the slutty daughter - hits DVD shelves again.
For the sake of the kids, Jordan and Andre are, of course, maintaining a dignified silence through their magazine columns, exclusive interviews with tabloid newspapers, minority channel TV programmes, CDs, novels and ranges of slutty horse riding fashionwear.
As for being slutty and married, Cho allows that "there are certainly boundaries that we have," but she hesitates to classify her marriage as open.