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1. Often Offensive A person considered to be sexually promiscuous.
2. Archaic
a. A woman prostitute.
b. An untidy, dirty woman; a slattern.

[Middle English slutte.]

slut′tish adj.
slut′tish·ly adv.
slut′ty adj.
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adj, sluttier or sluttiest
1. dirty; untid; slovenly
2. (esp of a woman) sexually promiscuous
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(ˈslʌt i)

adj. -ti•er, -ti•est.
of or resembling a slut.
Often, slut′tish.
[1350–1400; Middle English: dirty, slovenly; see slut, -y1]
slut′tish•ly, adv.
slut′tish•ness, n.
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While fashion experts said that the singer looked like "a slutty cleaning lady", Mercy's father James Kambewa dubbed her racy outfit as "immoral dressing".
She maintained I was the slutty one and I said she was the mannish bossy one.
She added: "I'll leave the slutty girl to other people and I'll play the sweet, moral girlfriend who believes in love - roles that are more interesting than playing a vixen.
It threw me into the slutty package," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.
"It's done in an affectionate way, it's not slutty. I think they wantme to mother them."
"I'll leave the slutty girl to other people and I'll play the sweet girlfriend who believes in love," she said.
The teen, referred to as Boy B, also told the officer the alleged victim wore a "slutty" top when he brought her to the park to meet co-accused Boy A.
Wendy does not have much in common with the deranged damp woman in the fish headress on the poster for her comedy show, Slutty Little Goldfish.
In addition, she reportedly is seen in a scene where she also asks if her outfit is "too slutty," and she insists that she isn't looking to hook up with anyone-though her character is otherwise highly sexualized.
5 We had desserts as appetizers The Sunny Side Chocolates by Risa and Dark Chocolate Ensaymada by Bernie Tan, who developed Little Wave Boracay's now famous Slutty Brownies.
Many bashed Myriam for placing God's virtuous words on her "cheap, slutty face." Meanwhile, others barraged the daring artist with hurtful comments, including accusations of "standing by pro-Israel Saudi Arabia."
Aubrey Plaza is underused as a gloriously slutty college student with a taste for older men.