small ads

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إعْلَانَاتٌ صَغِيرَةإعلانات صَغيرَه
drobná inzercemalý oznamovatel
mali oglasi
항목별 광고
malá inzercia
küçük ilanlarküçük ilânlar
quảng cáo nhỏ


(smoːl) adjective
1. little in size, degree, importance etc; not large or great. She was accompanied by a small boy of about six; There's only a small amount of sugar left; She cut the meat up small for the baby.
2. not doing something on a large scale. He's a small businessman.
3. little; not much. You have small reason to be satisfied with yourself.
4. (of the letters of the alphabet) not capital. The teacher showed the children how to write a capital G and a small g.
small ads
advertisements in the personal columns of a newspaper.
small arms
weapons small and light enough to be carried by a man. They found a hoard of rifles and other small arms belonging to the rebels.
small change
coins of small value. a pocketful of small change.
small hours
the hours immediately after midnight. He woke up in the small hours.
ˈsmallpox noun
a type of serious infectious disease in which there is a severe rash of large, pus-filled spots that usually leave scars.
small screen
television, not the cinema. This play is intended for the small screen.
ˈsmall-time adjective
(of a thief etc) not working on a large scale. a small-time crook/thief.
feel/look small
to feel or look foolish or insignificant. He criticized her in front of her colleagues and made her feel very small.
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small ads

إعْلَانَاتٌ صَغِيرَة malý oznamovatel annoncesektion Kleinanzeigen μικρές αγγελίες anuncio clasificado pikkuilmoitukset petites annonces mali oglasi annunci 分類広告 항목별 광고 rubrieksadvertenties småannonser ogłoszenia drobne classificados, pequenos anúncios classificados маленькие объявления småannonser โฆษณาเล็กๆ küçük ilanlar quảng cáo nhỏ 分类广告
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James Naughtie explores historythrough front-page small ads. New documentary series.
The Buy A Puppy Safely campaign warns most illegally-bred puppies are sold online through social media or small ads sites.
"Their babies are sold via small ads, Gumtree and social media pages and in pet shops.
It was advertised privately on a free to use small ads website.
"HMRC has powerful computer programmes that enables very precise targeting of businesses and individuals where there may be discrepancies in reporting, but also equally relies on less sophisticated methods such as scanning small ads and websites and tip-offs and information from the public.
Small ads keep cropping up and with enough happening in them to slow down the Facebook browsing experience, depending on your connection speeds.
We do our best to try and coordinate artwork with text, but given that "Gun Room" is often surrounded by small ads, it becomes a daunting task to position what we have in any cohesive manner.
Don't put up 100 small ads when you can put up 10 large ads instead.
Check the small ads in your local paper for a second-hand dress or websites like eBay (take care as the photo provided and the final product may look very different) ?
Meninvest targets 1.5m unique visitors for its car publishing activities by the end of 2011 and wishes to enrich the services offered by Autonews with a small ads section and a search engine for new cars.
He said: "The loan from Arrow has enabled me to buy a vehicle and a credit card machine, take out some small ads in directories, have leaflets and business cards printed, and still leave a float to pay suppliers.

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