small beer

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small beer

1. Weak or inferior beer.
2. Unimportant things; trivia.
Trivial; unimportant.

small beer

informal chiefly Brit people or things of no importance

small′ beer′

1. weak beer.
2. Slang. trivial matters.

Small Beer

 any collection of trifles or trifling matters.
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Noun1.small beer - something of small importancesmall beer - something of small importance  
object, physical object - a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; "it was full of rackets, balls and other objects"
frippery, frivolity, bagatelle, fluff - something of little value or significance
شيء غَيْر مُهِم
bezvýznamná věc
önemsiz şey/kimse


(biə) noun
a type of alcoholic drink made from malted barley flavoured with hops.
small beer
something unimportant. This is small beer compared with his usual work.
References in classic literature ?
Half-a-dozen dishes stood upon the shelves; the table was laid for supper with a bowl of porridge, a horn spoon, and a cup of small beer.
He took a pull at the small beer, which probably reminded him of hospitable duties, for his next speech ran thus: "If ye're dry ye'll find water behind the door.
The table was laid with two bowls and two horn spoons, but the same single measure of small beer.
Now, in times past all went wrong with me, and every month found a fresh hole in my cassock and in my skin, a gold crown less in my poor purse; of that execrable time of small beer and see-saw, I regret absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing save our friendship; for within me I have a heart, and it is a miracle that heart has not been dried up by the wind of poverty which passed through the holes of my cloak, or pierced by the swords of all shapes which passed through the holes in my poor flesh.
Defuncti injuria ne afficiantur was a law of the twelve tables, and De mortuis nil nisi bonum is an excellent injunction -- even if the dead in question be nothing but dead small beer.
First, that on the above-mentioned Feast of the Assumption, small beer having been served to the novices in the proportion of one quart to each four, the said brother John did drain the pot at one draught to the detriment of brother Paul, brother Porphyry and brother Ambrose, who could scarce eat their none-meat of salted stock-fish on account of their exceeding dryness,"
He resumed this occupation when he was replete with beef, had sucked up all the gravy in the baking-dish with the flat of his knife, and had drawn liberally on a barrel of small beer in the scullery.
The custom of the shop fell off, because a story got abroad that she soured her small beer and other damageable commodities, by scowling on them.
Here there was a hole about six feet deep and twelve feet across, over which the puffing urchins struggled to the opposite side, and thought no small beer of themselves for having been out of their depths.
A small beer will set UK holidaymakers back an average of just PS1.
SMALL BEER Tiny workmen figures get to grips with ring pulls on cans of Tennent's
JUST half a glass of wine or a small beer a day increases the risk of breast cancer, a new report says.