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Noun1.small businessman - a businessman who runs a business employing less than 100 people
businessman, man of affairs - a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)
concessionaire, concessioner - someone who holds or operates a concession
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As a small businessman and homeowner, the Congressman understands the importance of a roofing product that is intelligently designed, easy to install, and built to perform - including resistance to hail damage.
The application software for GST returns filing and compliances is designed for even a small businessman with little IT skills to ensure GST compliance on his own.
WRESTLING giant WWE is threatening to sue a small businessman after accusing him of logo theft.
Dugdale said: "We've got an employment lawyer, a teacher, a small businessman and a very prominent trade unionist.
I can't see why a small businessman would be so shortsighted.
Kilcoyne, a small businessman and CPA for 27 years, ran on a platform of "fiscal common sense.
I met him when I first came to the UAE in 1977 when he was a small businessman.
Without the profit more borrowing equals bankruptcy - as any small businessman knows.
Tehran is just a hop across the border for a small businessman here.
This is the mean, underhanded way in which the political cowards at Cardiganshire and Cardiff Bay hit back at the small businessman.
A NORTH East council is being taken to court by a small businessman who claims he is still owed thousands for unpaid work.
He didn't appear to do much business--local newspapers list no transactions and note that the "company phone number" he listed for state records was actually his personal cell phone--but "McHenry Real Estate" gave his campaign room to claim that he was the "one small businessman in the race.

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