small cane

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Noun1.small cane - small cane of watery or moist areas in southern United States
bamboo - woody tropical grass having hollow woody stems; mature canes used for construction and furniture
Arundinaria, genus Arundinaria - North American bamboo
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Another young man came and we ordered two Spicy Chicken dishes with mash potatoes, while the slim academic ordered 'shami kababs', which to our amazement came in a small cane basket with a paper napkin as a base with chilli sauce in a very small porcelain dish.
The Abadgar Action Committee Pairo Village District Dadu small cane growers held press conference at press club Dadu here on Wednesday against New Sugar Mill owners for not giving them dues and real prices which were announced by Sindh government.
"Many small cane growers have abandoned their sugar plantations since the decrease of 36% in sugar price a few years back.
Stick a small cane through the screw top end and remove when they outgrow them.
There are a few small cane sugar companies, but there are really only two large cane sugar enterprises--Imperial/Savannah Foods (Dixie Crystal) and Florida Crystals.
Family and social life has been built around the small cane farms.